InnerSense, Inc., a California corporation, had its beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia in 1986. The organization was founded for the purposes of researching the effects of different types of vibration on the human organism, and the development of technology to apply and utilize such effects. Since the release of our first VibraSound® we have continued this research and development and are now shipping eighth generation products to people all over the world interested in Vibrational Therapy, Self Discovery, Healing, Stress Management, and Cutting Edge Entertainment. To view a few of the comments others have made about our techknowledgy please see What Others Say About VibraSound®.


InnerSense currently manufactures and markets a complete line of Total Sensory Engagement Products under the registered VibraSound® trademark.  These award winning products and services have been featured in hundreds of print, radio, and TV media presentations such as ABC, NBC, CNN, Next Step, Beyond 2000, Discovery Channel, Science Frontiers, Wired Magazine, Wall Street Journal, London Times, NY Times, BBC, Nippon TV, and many others.  For more information regarding our unique products please visit the Product Catalog.  Potential Dealers or Distributors should Contact us directly. In addition to sales and service we also offer Consultation on a number of subjects and specific fields.


InnerSense also offers Training on product use and maintenance, as well as providing Workshops on various subjects related to Vibrational Science. In the Research section of this site there is a research bibliography and copies of published and unpublished papers, articles, books, charts, graphs, drawings, pictures, and other information related to sensory science, harmonic law, sympathetic vibratory physics, music-light-sound-color-aroma therapy, biometrics, human/dolphin interaction, aromatherapy, and other related sciences, made available through Harmonic Law Publications.


In addition, our associated therapists provide cutting edge therapies based on the VibraSound Multi-Sensory Integration Platform. VibraSound therapy is available at various Locations around the world based on individualized combinations of light, sound, aroma, virtual reality, music. In addition, a new state of the art biometric called Aspire™ Spectral Essence Evalutation and natural resonance biofeedback therapy called Harmonic Resolution based on a supercomputer analysis of the breath and voice is now available at many of these locations.


Thank you again for your interest in our technology and the work we are doing at InnerSense, Inc. We appreciate the time required to peruse a large website, but know that you will find the information useful and informative. We invite your participation! Please contact us at or go to our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

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