Aha! Spa™ was designed and developed by InnerSense, Inc., an international corporation dedicated to the research and development of transformational technologies.  The original facility set the mark and pace for location based neurotechnologies in day-spas and “mind salons” when it opened in Pacific Palisades, California during the early 90’s.  It was a unique setting that provided leaders in the field, such as Michael Hutchinson of Megabrain™ fame, a place to send those seeking the actual experience of high-tech meditation, mind/body synchronization, and the Aha! experience. 


Further know-how and intellectual property was garnered in later incarnations such as InnerSpace™ on the Santa Monica Promenade and MindWave™ built for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, where neurotechnology was married to 3D virtual reality to create the world’s first high-tech inner journeys.  Upon this “techknowledgy” base, we expanded into day-spas, salons, and gyms, such as Salon Mirage in Beverly Hills, Oasis Spa in Osaka Japan, and Shape Up Fitness in Corona Del Mar, California, and many others all over the world. These unique spaces have featured in many major local, national, and inter-national media and in 1994 won the Next Step TV show an Emmy award for most informative news program (see corporate video and media book).  In addition, the technologies involved have received many awards and endorsements from organizations and leaders in just about every major field. 


This form of location-based “innertainment” is destined to become the preferred social activity of the next generation.  Nightclubs, where people now go to drink and tune out, will be replaced by Sensoriums, where they will go instead to “tune in” through meaningful experiences that synchronize their senses, relax their bodies, inspire their minds, and exhilarate their spirits.  A place where they can share such life changing realizations with friends and associates and gather resources to transform themselves to the next highest level of order.




Neuronauts enter into a different world so virtually real that it suspends all disbelief.  Themes range from ancient to current and futuristic with finely detailed natural, underwater, or ethereal landscapes.


Visualize the past on a dreamlike flight through ancient ruins or see what is to come while zooming through a futuristic city in a space-age vehicle.  Or imagine a realistic encounter with a pod of friendly dolphins who bring their healing echoes into every cell of your body.  Whereas it is unlikely that most people would ever commit themselves to a sweat lodge initiation, they jump to experience Virtual Vision Quest™ hosted by the Hopi Elders as they float effortlessly through native sacred lands.  Each of these journeys can be experienced alone or in conjunction with some other form of therapy such as massage or cosmetic procedure.


Now, consider what these experiences would be like if they were driven by you own neural signatures?  Rather than working one’s way through these environments by taking control via hand to eye coordination and a joystick, “seekers” are asked to let go and proceed through the spaces by regulating and balancing their own body, mind, and spirit, as measured by futuristic biometric technologies whose data is used to control the various operators of the ride.


The result is a long-lasting euphoria that is not only extremely relaxing but also simultaneously highly stimulating and inspirational.  In addition, through repeated effort, the process actually trains the individual how to move into this desired state at will…one of the most powerful life coping skills a person can possess.  The ability to remain calm but inspired under stress can be a very valuable tool, and is the first secret to creating one’s own reality.




The Aha! experience is based on sensory resonance technologies researched and developed by InnerSense, Inc. since the mid 80’s.  It is a combination of neurotechnology and virtual reality, which are married together into coherent experiences that synchronize the sensory mechanisms by resolving the tension present in the brain’s reticular activating system (RAS), which prioritizes sensory input, modulates brain activity and directs motor output (see the paper Sensory Resonance™ by Don Estes).  Sensory resonance is a state of mind where all of the senses are synchronized into one coherent experience with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic stimulation.


Neurotechnology is a term coined to define a wide range of devices and techniques that are used to teach, exercise, relax, entertain, and/or otherwise alter the normal state of consciousness into some useful and/or desirable different or non-ordinary state of mind.  Aha! Spa™ synchronizes the latest neurotechnologies with non-violent, non-competitive and non-combative 3D virtual reality into one of the most amazing experiences a person could ever have…mind-blowing journeys into the depths of their own being.


VibraSound® Sensory Resonance Vehicles: (See VibraSound® Product Catalog)


   VibraSound® Music Therapy – Music therapy has a long history of medical and non-medical applications (see The History of Music Therapy by Don Estes).  InnerSense has over 20 years of experience with developing “designer” music and commercial music programs intended to assist listeners in achieving specific physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual states of being. This one technology alone can dramatically effect change that can be truly lasting and life changing.


VibraSound® VR™ (Virtual Reality System: Computer, Software, 3DVR Glasses) - Sophisticated computerized video, actual 3D camera footage, and state of the art playback systems (head mounted displays and parabolic screens) allow the true suspension of disbelief, which results in what appears to be the experience of actually “being there”.


VibraSound® WaveTable™ (Fluid Filled Liquid Crystal Mattress) – Long considered to represent the state of the art in vibrotactile neurotechnology, the WaveTable™ literally turns a person’s body fluid into a speaker such that any sound, vibration, frequency, or music that is played into the mattress feels as though it is being generated from inside the body, rather than like one is laying on something that is vibrating.


VibraSound® Transportable™ (Portable Massage Table) – A smaller, more portable version of the WaveTable™ described above.     


VibraSound® ZeroG Chair (Reclining Chair) – A reclining chair version of the WaveTable technology.


VibraSound® Sensorium™ LSV Sensory Interface (Light-Sound-Vibration Controller).  A sensory interface that synchronizes sound or music with light pulses, colors, and vibrotactile vibrations so that the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic sensory pathways are brought into a coherent experience.


VibraSound® MesmerEyes™ Randomized FiberOptic Projector – A kaleidoscopic like living tye-dye color projector that induces an alpha/theta mind state by inhibiting the conceptualization of boundaries.


VibraSound® ColorBath™ (Vibrating, Color modulating, Bath Enclosure) – A submersed bathing experience where music is heard, seen, and felt through the resonant chamber of the tub, which continuously changes color in synchronization with the music.


VibraSound® Hexatron™ (Six Degree of Motion Platform) – A rotating platform that can be used with either the VibraSound® ZeroG™ Chair or Transportable™ Massage Table that adds the feeling of floating through space.  Scientific research has resulted in a lot of positive feedback on such “vestibular” stimulation (see Vestibular Therapy article by Don Estes).


VibraSound® Lumin S™ (Light Therapy Table) - An advanced technology that greatly enhances the sense of well being by using light, color, sound, and sacred geometry. The table is designed with the highest quality components to optimize comfort and reliability. Embedded into the table are LED, Soft Laser, and Infrared diodes that are programmed with factory installed programs that flood the body with a full spectrum of light frequencies shown to be effective in enhancing the sense of well being.


Harmonic Resolution™ (Natural Resonance Biofeedback) – A spectral analysis of breath and voice reveals a unique personal signature, which is harmonized, optimized and then returned to the subject via a multi-sensory feedback platform that allows them to see, hear, and feel the stimulation.  Based on the fundamental time unit of the Great Diesis insures that harmonic law is always be preserved.  Supercomputer processing allows advancement into the phase domain, which allows the disassembly, rearrangement, and reassembly of an individual’s entire signature.  Resolution of the sine and consine waves via binaural phasing actualizes potential that can lead to transformation. 


In addition, the following biometric technologies are also sometimes used:


MindSet™ 24 Channel Neuromapping System (Brainwave)

Heart Rate Variability System (Heart rate)

Spectral Absorption Signature™ (Body Absorption)

Bio-energy Resonance Testing (Infrared & Electronic)

Virtual Reality Games – (Based on biometrics instead of joysticks)


Transformant™ (Allasso Concentrate™) – Transformant™ is an algorithmically transformed water that supports transformation by providing Allasso a type of energy created by a process that causes ordinary water to follow a specific set of instructions (algorithm) that require it to pass through an experience that disassembles, rearranges and reassembles its molecules via a process that requires it to:

o       Acknowledge the need to change and evolve to the next highest state of order (impedance increases).

o       Release all resistance to making the change (impedance zeroes – power goes to infinity).

o       Disassemble by resolving the tension between its actual components and potential components (impedance fluctuates and the molecules implode via cavitation).

o       Remove all unwholesomeness in the way of making the change (vaporization).

o       Resurrect and reassemble by reorganizing back into a liquid state (controlled condensation).


This alchemical process structures the water through experience rather than mere exposure to coils, crystals, geometric forms, lasers or other types of exogenous sources.  Experience is more powerful (and less forgettable) than knowledge gained through second hand sources. 

Transformant provides a nested assortment of real and imaginary automata (the smallest most indivisible components of matter) that carry with them the resources for transformation.  They will help you acknowledge the need to change, release resistance, remove unwholesomeness and move to your next highest level of order.

Drinking this transformed water can greatly enhance the AHA! Spa™ experience.

















·        Periodic seminars and workshops to increase the public’s knowledge on vibrational science and the various applications of our technologies.

·        Wall plaques, literature, and advertising reveal enough of the theme so as to leave a little mystery about what it is all about.  This encourages repeat visits to try to figure out what is really going on.

·        Visitors are also invited back during daytime hours to experience more individualized and personalized therapies and experiences.




The cost to utilize this technology can range from about $3000 (single massage table without VR or Biometrics) per station up to about $35,000 (complete WaveTable™ with VR and Biometrics) per station depending upon the style and quantity of equipment purchased (see VibraSound® product catalog).  For more detailed and specific cost quote, franchise or dealer information please consult with an AHA! SPA™ representative.