Harmonic Resolution™

All human suffering stems from the difference between who a person says they are and who they really are. This difference creates a tension that functions like a black hole, drawing in resonant people, places, events, circumstances and situations in an attempt to resolve the tension. This is the theme of the current universal age. The whole of the universe cannot be united until every individual part has integrated its own self. Therefore, during this age, we are all being asked to transform ourselves to a new higher order of increased harmony with the whole, by resolving the difference between our actual and potential selves.

To the degree that we self-generate this evolution, the easier it is to transform. However, when we don't choose to grow the machine of the universe will disassemble us through crisis. It is our job then to re-arrange ourselves into a higher level of order. This procedure of disassembly, rearrangement and reassembly is a technique used by the universe to insure progressive evolution toward perfection. It is a process of transformation.

It is now possible to measure and analyze these characteristics in your energy field and use this information to assist you in transforming yourself to the next highest level of order. Harmonic Resolution™ is a protocol that utilizes four separate technologies that work together as one:

1. Aspire™ - is a futuristic spectral analysis of voice and breath that reveals the distribution of physical, mental, and spiritual energies across time, space, manifestation, chakras, and many other parameters. In addition, it's a cutting edge multi-sensory biofeedback process that redistributes and balances your energy field either on-site or at home on your own computer.

2. Transformant™ - is water that has been algorithmically transformed with your own voice with a unique alembic. The water must resolve your differences and transform to the next highest level of order (vapor). Consuming this substance provides all of the resources necessary for change except your active pursuit.

3. VibraSound® - is a multi-sensory feedback platform that allows you to see, hear and feel music at the same time. It is a combination of 3D virtual reality, music-sound-aroma therapy, and lucid dreaming. In addition, Aspire™ can be experienced on VibraSound® at any of our on-site locations.

4. Dedicated Support - is a service we provide to assist those undergoing change. We offer in-house, on-site, phone and internet programs.