Controller/Alembic Interface


Our Phase Modulated Quadrature Alembic is a next generation distillation device that represents a new state of the art in vaporization. Ordinary water is caused to undergo phase transition via cavitation by resolving the difference between its real and imaginary components, rather than through the usual means of steam boiling. As a result, the distillate produced is 100% pure and free from any contaminants. In addition, this approach allows the water to be imprinted with algorithmic information stored as geometry on various bond angles of the water molecules. In other words, it allows us to atomize (disassemble, rearrange, and reassemble) every molecule of water transformed by the process according to the will and design of the algorithm employed, in our case...the Algorithm of Harmonic Resolution.

The process basically works by exposing ordinary water to a high current of both the real and imaginary components (cosine and sine) from the Great Diesis Wave, delivered independantly to one of two pure gold waveguides suspended in ordinary purified water captured in a spherical glass reaction vessel. The water is thereby forced to resolve the difference between the two phases, becoming the agent of its own transformation. Each molecule eventually gives up all resistance to change, drops its impedance to zero, cavitates and "atomizes"...begins to disassemble, rearrange, and reassemble its complex molecular bonds. Each newly formed molecule has a unique geometric microstructure that holds the record of its transformation. As the molecules enter phase transition they begin to vaporize and effervesce to the surface where they are cooled. It then undergoes transition once again back into liquid, where it is captured and bottled.

The cost of production has, until recently, limited the use of i-drops to those who could afford it. It has therefore been largely unavailable to the general public. Our new PMQT Alembic is the result of years of advanced research into the technology's efficiency, and represents a significant advancement. Understanding the more detailed dynamics of the process has allowed us to redesign the Operating Algorithm such that energy once lost to inefficiency is captured and stored in the water instead, increasing its effect by several orders of magnitude while, at the same time, drastically lowering the price.

This feat is accomplished by linking the HRT Local Host Computer with the latest generation of programmable power amplifiers in a feedback loop with the reaction chamber. The Crown i-tech series represents state of the art in high-end audio amplifiers. Its programmable circuitry allows real-time adjustment of both real and imaginary outputs based on feedback it receives about conditions within the spherical reaction chamber. In other words, it can send output, receive feedback, and make adjustments to the output along the same cables and at the same time. An ethernet connection between the power amp and host computer also establishes a direct interface between the alembic chamber and the algorithmic environment that controls it, modulating certain variables that the system uses to improve itself.

This technique drastically lowers the production cost by reducing the rate at which the gold bars, circuitry and amplifier(s) have to be replaced. Of course, there is still a small amount of inefficiency, and the circuitry continues to be consumed by the process, although, at a much slower rate. However, this revolutionary improvement does means that everyone can now have access to an improved version of this amazing substance at a reduced price, and that feedback control can be utilized to continously improve system performance. When people see the incredible dynamics of this device in person, they are sometimes tempted to say it almost seems to be an entity.