The Harmonic Resolution Supercomputer is linked directly to an internet based automatous clock, and serves as a local host for the automatous partials which are created, nurtured, and iterated within the clock's incubator. As it receives this universal rhythm, it applies our patented algorithm of harmonic resolution...a set of instructions that defines the dynamics of progression through the process of phase transition...such as occurs when water turns to vapor if heated or pressured enough. Human beings cannot undergo such an instantaneous and dramatic transformation, but water can pull it off much quicker, because it is not so full of impurities and unwholesomeness. Consuming such water, imparts the experience contained within its time record.

Whereas there are 22 main steps of this algorithm, its function is basically threefold:

1. Separate the real and imaginary components of the Great Diesis wave via quadrature hilbert transform.
2. Provide instructions on how to bring impedance to zero. This requires that the medium undergoing transition is willing to do so by giving up all resistance to change.

3. Provide a mechanism whereby the real and imaginary can be reassembled back into the complex domain we live in according to will and intentionality.

The HRT local host consist of a modified Macintosh G5 Dual processor computer. This model was chosen as our foundation because it is the world's first and only consumer grade 64 Bit Vector Processing computer, a featured required to deal with the enormous amount of data generated by the alembic process.

The Mac G5 Dual 64 Bit Vector Processor

The ouput from the special math co-processor on this computer is routed through a state of the art proprietary sound card to the inputs of a programmable toroidal amplifier. With this internet/local host based configuration and network, it is possible to make custom versions of algorithmically transformed water simply by adjusting the algorithm used to produce it. One such use would be for making water based upon an individual's own natural harmonic resonance, such as we obtain with the psiometric breath analysis during an HRT session, or to reproduce the spectral domain equivalent of some other substance such as a homeopathic remedy.

In addition, this local host serves as a feedback controller that can adjust certain variables within its automatous environment based on feedback from the spherical reaction chamber. In conjunction with the programmable i-tech "smart" amplifier, information about signal status is continually returned to the system such that the host computer can adjust or mirror itself to conditions within the reaction vessel. In this manner, the entire system becomes an automatous feedback loop.