Harmonic Law

The Science of Vibration

By Don Estes

“One must examine the sounds to understand the tones; one must understand the tones to understand the music; one must understand the music to understand the customs (laws).  In this way, the path to order is made perfect.  One cannot talk about tones to those who do not understand the sounds.  One cannot talk about music to those who do not understand the tones.  He who understands music will thus penetrate the secrets of the customs.  He who has experienced both customs (laws) and music possesses life.  Life is experience”…Da Dai Li Gi from the Ancient Chinese Book of Customs



I.                     Forward:      Acknowledgements and Preface

II.                   Chapter One:        Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration

·         Consciousness: the Genesis of Harmonic Law

·         Vibrational Harmonics: A New Unified Science

·         Introduction to Harmonic Law

·         Perception is Nine Tenths of the Law

·         The Value of Harmonic Resonance Studies

III.                 Chapter Two:        The Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality

·         Cosmocartogram – A Master Illustration of the Ordered Universe

·         Introduction to the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality

·         Main features of the Absolute Scale

·      Section One: The Triune Nature of Reality: Absolute Reality

·      Absolute vs. Relative Reality

·      The Ten Universal Absolutes

·      Section Two: Unity through Harmonic Diversity: Relative Reality

·      Manifested Reality from The Big Bang to Quantum Mechanics

·      Section Three: How Reality becomes Manifest

·      Section Four: Pattern, Form, and Mind Dominance

·      Number Theory and Progression

·      Infinity versus Infinitesimal

·      12 Dimensional Reality

·      Order from Chaos

·      The Octave: Unity Relationships

·      Mind Dominates Matter

·      Section Five: The Manifestation Cycle of the Square Root of Minus One

·      Personal Choice: The so-called “Uncertainty Principle”

·      The Manifestation Cycles of Experience and Learning

·      Laws of Aggregation

·      Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) of John Keely

·      Section Six: The Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality

o     Scale of Reality from Zero to Infinite Frequency

o     Scale of Physical Constants (Size, Mass, Energy, Temp. etc)

o     Powers & Principalities of Universal Government

o     Expanded Electromagnetic Spectrum

o     Energy Encircuitment

o     Space Potency, Primordial Force, and Universal Power

o     Creation from Elementary Particles to Galaxies

o     The Twelve Dimensional Toroidal Universe

o     White Hole Out, Black Hole In

o     Pigment vs. Light Colors

o     Music Scales, Octaves, and 91 Note Keyboard

o     Atomic & Molecular Structure

o     Gravity Action vs. Quantum Mechanics

o     Universal Power Grid of Planets, Stars, Nebulae & Galaxies

o     Quantum Mechanics and Constants

o     Human Consciousness

o     Eternal Time and Infinite Space

o     History of Earth and its Predecessors

o     Unit of Time Perspective & The Maturity Bandwidth

o     Vibrational Therapy Bandwidths

o     Chronology of Important Human Discoveries

o     Human Sensory Bandwidths

·      Section Seven: Ten Kingdoms of Materialization

·      Cosmology of the Universe from Alpha to Omega

·      Ten Kingdoms of Evolution from pre-Particle to Superorganism

·      Seven Stages of Evolutionary Growth and Process

·      The Tree of Life

·      Section Eight: Music and Communication Microstructure

·      Music Language and Unified Science

·      How Relationship is determined by Communication

·      Factors Influencing the Outcome of Attempted Communication

·      Triune Communication Domains: Frequency, Waveform, & Amplitude

·      Microstructure Components of Music Instruments and Voice

·      Biological Effects of Music Microstructure

·      Frequency & Time Domain Components of Microstructures

·      Difference between Sine (fundamental) & Complex (overtone) Waves

·      Vowel Names, Frequency Formants, and Resonator Shapes

·      Periodic Waveforms, Shapes, Harmonics, & Components

·      Music Scales, Interval Overtones, & Relationships

·      Relationship between Music and Color

·      Harmonic Interval Calculation for Various Music Scales

·      Progression of Natural Harmonic Scales

·      Vibrational Modes

·         Longitudinal – Sound on Air Molecules

·         Traverse – Light on Electrons & Ocean Waves

·         Rayleigh – Tactile through Solids

·         Lamb – Tactile on the surface of Thin Plates

·      Vibratory Nature of Bodies

·         Resonant Frequencies of each Membrane Enclosure

·         Frequency Signature Envelope of all Body Cavities

·         Harmonic Interval “Chord of Mass”

·         Lifetime Reciprocal Wavelength

IV.                Chapter Three:      Principles of Harmonic Law

·         The Nature of Reality

o        Absolute Reality

o        Relativity

o        Unity

o        Duality

o        Triunity

·         Pattern and Form

o        Sacred Geometry

o        Dimensional Reality

o        Number Theory

·         Manifestation

o        The 12 Dimensional Toroidal Universe

o        The Manifestation Cycle of the √-1

o        The Experience and Learning Cycles

o        Personal Choice and the Uncertainty Principle

·         Cosmology

o        Origin, History, and Destiny of the Universe

o        Universe Construction

·         Physics

o        Atomic Structure

o        Orbit Period and Frequency

o        Rotational Mass and Light

o        Waveform Phenomenon

o        Distance between Bodies

o        Mass, Energy, Temperature

o        Relative Size

·         Time

o        Time causes Relativity

o        Time Perspective determines Level of Consciousness

o        Universal Chronology of Creation

o        Major Historical Events & Timewave Zero

o        Important Scientific Discoveries

o        Mayan Calendar Harmonics

·         Consciousness

o        Triune Nature of Consciousness

o        Experience versus Analysis

o        Unit of Time Perspective

·         Vibration

o        Classifications

o        Modes of Travel & Conversion

o        Oscillation versus Vibration

o        Frequency

o        Sound

o        Music

o        Vibrational Medicine

·         Body Harmonics

o        Harmonic Signatures

o        Chrono-Biological Cycles

o        Sensory Mechanisms

o        Proportional Body Harmonics

o        Subtle Bio-Energy Fields

·         Communication Microstructure

o        Communication and Music Microstructure

o        Examining the Sounds (Fundamentals, Tonics, Pitches)

o        Time versus Frequency Domain

o        Voice versus Musical Instrument

o        Understanding the Tones (Harmonics, Overtones, Envelopes)

o        Triune Nature of Communication

o        Frequency, Waveform, & Amplitude Envelope

o        Words versus Tone & Phrasing

o        Instrument Time & Frequency Domain Components

o        Periodic Waveform Frequency & Time Domain Components

o        Vowel Sounds, Waveforms, Frequencies & Cycles

o        Harmonic Intervals of Light and Sound (Calculator)

o        Understanding the Music (Theme, Melody, Element)

o        Music as the ultimate communication tool

o        Music language as the Unified Field Theory

o       Understanding the Customs (Laws): Application of Harmonic Law in Day to Day Living

V.                     Chapter Four: Sensory Resonance: A New Model of Consciousness

·         I Am, Ain’t I?  Consciousness of the Whole versus the Parts

·         Experience versus Analysis: The Duality of Consciousness creates Tension

·         Pain versus Pleasure: The Duality of Experience limits Choices

·         Open Focus and Healthy Pleasure:  Triune Art of Paying Attention resolves Tension

·         Sensory Resonance: A new model of Consciousness as Triune Encircuited Mind

·         Focused Frequency versus Expanded Bandwidth States of Mind

·         The Triune Nature of Consciousness

o        Peripheral Nervous System (Senses - Input)

o        Central Nervous System (Analyzes – Process and Store)

o        Autonomic Nervous System (Responds - Output)


o        Experiential

o        Conceptual (Eventual)

o        Existential


o        Threat – Sensory Dissonance

o        Apathy – Sensory Blockage

o        Challenge – Sensory Resonance


o        Subconscious

o        Conscious

o        Super-Conscious


o        Parasympathetic (Relaxation Response)

o        Homeostasis (Balancing Response)

o        Sympathetic (Stimulation Response)


·         Sensory Science – Consciousness as Pigments on Sensory Receptor Cells

·         Eight Hierarchal / Dual Lateral Brain Model of Consciousness

·         The Third Ventricle and CSF: Seat of Human Consciousness?

·         The Pituitary-Pineal Model of Self Awareness

·         “Normal” versus “Altered” or “Non-Ordinary” States of Mind

·         Applications of Non-Ordinary Mind States

·         Mind as the Mediator between Body and Spirit

VI.                Chapter Five:      Vibrational Therapy

·   Origin and History of Vibrational Therapy

·   Applications for Vibrational Medicine (Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Disease)

·   Biometrics: Harmonic Signatures in Humans

·   Nervous System as best indicator of State of Mind, Body, and Spirit

·   Chronobiological Life Cycles and Human Metabolism

·   Methods of Human Biometric Analysis & Interpretation

·   Human Spectral Signatures & Harmonic Codes

·   Spectral Absorption Signature (SAS): Real-time Biometric

·         Heart Rate Variability (HRV): Ultimate Metabolic Indicator

·         Methods of Vibrational Therapy: Movement, Dance, Vestibular, Tactile, Sound, Voice, Drumming, Music, Ultrasound, Aroma, Microwave, Infrared, White Light, Color, Nutrition, NLP, Psychotherapy, Subtle Energy

·         Neuroscience and Neurotechnology (Sensory Resonance Vehicles)

·         Sound (Speakers) versus Vibrotactile (Force Transducers)

·         External Oscillation versus Internal Vibration

·         Guidelines for Vibrational Therapy Sessions

·         Music and Frequency Databases

·         Harmonics of Nutrition and Exercise

·         Ethics and Legalities of Professional Vibrational Therapy

·         Contraindications to Vibrational Therapy

·         Acceptable Limits of Vibrational Exposure

VII.              Chapter Six: Spiritual Technology

·         (Faith Healing): The Ultimate Therapy…the Placebo Effect

·         InnerSpace Vehicles and Neurotechnology

·         Roadmaps to Paradise

·         Neuronaut’s Navigational Guide

VIII.            Chapter Seven: The Future of Vibrational Science

·         Areas of Future Research

·         Sensoriums and Healthy Pleasure Spas

·         Location Based InnerTainment and Virtual Reality

·         Spiritual Technology: The Race to InnerSpace

X.        Appendix I: Related Charts, Formulas, Equations, and Graphs

·         Electronics Reference Equations & Information

·         Formulas & Equations for Math & Chemistry

·         Periodic Chart of the Elements

·         Physics of Sound, Music, Frequency & Geometry

XI.                Appendix II: Interactive Computer Programs on CD

·         English/Metric Conversion Calculator

·         Atomic Resonance Calculator

·         Atmospheric Harmonics Interval Calculator

·         Dinshaw Colors to Sound Frequencies Converter

·         Atomic Energy Conversion Calculator (Ergs/Joules/Electron Volts)

·         Human Color and Sound Response

·         Music Microstructure Spreadsheet

·         Music Instrument Frequency Ranges

·         120 Harmonic Interval Calculator

·         Light & Sound Interval Calculator

·         Equal Temperament ET-12 Scale Frequencies

·         Just Intonation Scale Frequencies & Colors

·         Music Scale Interval Calculator

·         Music Scale Octave Calculator

·         Seven Scale Interval Calculator

  XII.          Bibliography: Vibrational Science Research Library

·         300 + Source Bibliography

·         Related Websites

·         Related Organizations