Light Sound and Vibration 3D VR Dome

The VibraSound® VR Light, Sound and Vibration Dome is a state of the art Sensorium that allows an individual or group to see, hear and feel synchronized sounds, light, color, music, aroma and 3D virtual reality. Imagine floating in the ocean when a pod of friendly dolphins appear and begin to communicate. You see, hear and feel them in every cell of your body. Your disbelief is suspended and you feel like you're really there. The smell of the ocean, the heat of the sun, the warm breeze. The echolocations of the dolphins are piercing your body and mind. You feel profoundly relaxed, but yet extremely excited and inspired at the same time. You have just experienced an InnerTainment™ Experience in a VibraSound® Sensorium.

Light and Sound Dome

InnerTainment™ is a non-violent, non-combative and non-competitive adventure into InnerSpace, the land of imagination and realm of the AHA! experience. An encounter with a pod of friendly dolphins, a flight through mayan temples, a virtual vision-quest or witnessing the creation and evolution of the cosmos...each a journey into the far reaches of your mind.

The custom dome can be designed to any size up to 120 feet and accomodates all models of VibraSound Sensory Vehicles; chairs, tables and beds. Combined with the highest resolution 3D virtual reality projection, next-generation music modulated eye's closed light show and sophisticated music therapy, the VibraSound® Sensorium delivers a one of a kind experience that is rarely forgotten. Leading all of the sensory mechanisms into one coherent experience brings about a state called Sensory Resonance™ where there is no distraction due to threat or novelty. Everything adds up, fits the picture and makes sense. The mind begins to balance its normal narrow focus with a more diffused and absorbed state. Analysis becomes Experience and one begins to feel reality as well as think about it. For a moment, you forget about the stresses and concerns about the outside world. Suddenly, on the inside...AHA! epiphony...a profound realization that changes your life forever...a Peak Experience that changes your manner of being and doing. This is the process of Transformation. VibraSound® can accelerate the speed and enhance quality of learning and change.

The LSV Dome has many practical applications. Perfect for entertainment, biofeedback, medical assistance, learning, training, music, meditation and transformation. the Dome can be custom built and equipted for almost any purpose or venue. With over 20 years of experience in designing, building and managing facilites around the world, we can help you with all aspects of your entertainment facility, wellness center, or corporate relaxation and recreation room. Call (310-828-7714) for a demonstration.