Welcome to MindWave, the world's first Innertainment Center dedicated to non-violent, non-combative, and non-competitive uses of Virtual Reality. Blissful relaxation, exhilarating recreation, profound self-discovery and pure adventure await you on the MindWave™.

MindWave was created by InnerSense, Inc. and MindSet, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Thousands of athletes, media personnel, celebrities and other visitors experienced MindWave during its stay in Atlanta. A year after the Olympics it was disassembled and put in storage awaiting its next incarnation in Santa Monica, California, scheduled for early 2009.

MindWave is an amusement park for the mind. Swim with dolphins on Cyberfin, the world's first Interspecies Interface, discover the secret of the Maya in the Temple of Inscriptions, or fly through a future city. Take a journey to the center of your mind, and afterwards, refresh at the Smartbar. Browse through our showroom full of unique gifts, beautiful music, and state of the art mind tools. Its perfect for those looking for something new and unique, or, who just like to hang out for stimulating atmosphere and conversation. A full complement of "Neuroventures" are available for those looking for a more private and personal MindWave™ session on VibraSound® WaveTable, Symmetron, Zero G Chair, MesmerEyes, or the Motion Integrator.

Combining virtual reality with neuroscience has created technologies so profound that they must be experienced to be believed. If you've been waiting for a virtual experience that goes beyond the mere notion of playing a game...catch the MindWave and get serious about your InnerTainment™.


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                    InnerSense, VibraSound,®  and The Minds Behind MindWave™

In the early 80's neuroscientist Don Estes, a Georgia native, invented the legendary VibraSound® WaveTable and later founded InnerSense, Inc., the company that manufactures and markets a variety of VibraSound systems as well as other sensory immersive technologies. Don's experience first as a musician, then as medical laboratory director and certified EEG technologist and finally as a technical specialist for Coulter Electronics, Inc., paved the way for his career in neurotechnology / sensory discovery. Don continues his neurotechnology research and plans to develop more sensory tools like the VibraSound® and MindWave™ for professional as well as public uses.  He has recently published a book about what he has learned about the amazing world of vibration entitled Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration, and its master illustration…the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality.

Jaime Segel Estes has had a life long mission to bring an enjoyable, non-violent entertainment alternative to the public. Jaime and husband Don Estes, first introduced the VibraSound® technology in 1991 at California's "Aha Spa"; in Los Angeles and at "InnerSpace" in Santa Monica. Travel and Leisure Magazine, May 1995, named the spa among "the top 100 places to go in Los Angeles". More than 100,000 visitors experienced VibraSound® before the Estes's arrived in Atlanta to open MindWave™. With a strong musical background -- from performing to arranging and teaching -- Jaime infuses her knowledge of rhythm and sound into the other elements of the MindWave™ ride to complete the total-sensory experience.