* Please be advised that the following description of the difference between the terms Order and Chaos may sound backward at first. Most of us have been taught that order is synonymous peace and harmony whereas chaos implies disruption and dissonance. However, try to remember that here we are talking about the mirror image world of the spectral domain where everything is reciprocal to our common everyday experience in the time domain.

The universal rhythm is a great cycle of relative vibration flowing between the universal absolutes of quantum action and gravity, which manifest respectively as chaos and order. Whereas the scientific term for chaos is entropy, its opposite...negative entropy is used to represent order. It is an accepted scientific fact that the universe is presently in a state of entropy or breakdown. This is validated by the astronomical observation that the universe is expanding and spreading apart. There is much disagreement, however, as to the eventual outcome of this unwinding. Opinions are divided between those who believe the expansion and energy loss will continue until the universe just burns itself out, and others who think it will eventually reverse direction, beginning an inward contraction that ultimately results in another so-called big bang.

However, it is also a known fact that as the potential of the universe is shrinking, Order is rising to higher and higher levels as evolution progresses. In other words, Information is being conserved and stored over time leading to increased order, while at the same time, the potential inherent in the universe is being used up. Such is true for each individual as well as for the whole. The entire universe and all of its inhabitants are under a constant dynamic flux while potential is being actualized.

The human body is a good example of an actual manifestation. It has been actualized over a period of time by everything that its owner has thought, expressed, and acted on...everything they have eaten, drank, and inhaled...all that they have been and done. On the other hand, for most individuals, there is still some level of potential left within them that has not yet materialized. A person's actual self manifests as their manner or State of Being, while the remaining potential reveals itself in their manner or Rule of Doing. The purpose of life is the actualization of one's potential.

The cosmos and all of the individual's within it are therefore called "non-equilibrium" objects... materializations that exist in an unbalanced state cycling between order and chaos. As the concept of Harmony has been associated with Order and Dissonance with Chaos, it is important to note that neither extreme is the appropriate one for a human being to exclusively exist in. Harmony pulls things together, whereas Dissonance pushes them apart. Seen in this context it is easy to see how an unwanted tumor is an example of too much harmony...too much coming together. In addition, it becomes obvious that dissonance can sometimes bring about periods of relative stability and calmness as the two reactants move further and further apart.

Stuck in the middle of this strange cycle is the dance we call life...ever cycling from order to chaos to higher levels of order, only once again, to return to chaos...and the cycle just keeps going. This encircuitment reveals itself in the aspiration of the whole as well as in the individuals. The dreaded expansion of space is nothing more or less than Space Respiration...the Universal Breath of The One. As we inhale and exhale, the way we take in, respond to, and put back out this cosmic breath reveals our manner of being and doing...our state and rule space...our very essence.


Therefore, our goal with Harmonic Resolution™, i-drops ™, and Great Diesis ™ CDs, is to assist others in actualizing their potential. In order to do so, it is necessary to have some way of analyzing their current state and designing a plan of action to help them reveal and manifest their own destiny. One thing is for certain...the ability to manage the tension between the order and chaos in one's life is the single most important resource that can be possesed. The question is...what is the most effective and efficient way to achieve constant change at a rate that is comfortable and non-damaging?

The specific purpose of this paper is to outline the parameters of HRT that can help identify areas of order and chaos in one's life, and how these can be used to design a plan of action to effect lasting change and achieve transformation at a rate of progression that is most appropriate for any given individual.

In HRT, the primary indicator of harmonic status is the Real : Imaginary relationship...the r:i ratio. This interval, listed on the control page at bottom right shows the normalized magnitude (total available energy) separated into its real and imaginary components. A balanced ratio occurs under conditions of relative stability, but a dramatic shift toward the real/actual might mean that the person is rigid, stuck and resistant to change. On the other hand, a severe skew toward imaginary/potential could point toward a manner of being that is overly open and unwilling to focus (imaginary). Learning to pay attention to how one pays attention is the most important skill someone can possess, as it can help them identify when they get stuck in one extreme or the other. Being able to choose whether to move toward chaos or order at any given moment in life is a true mark of self mastery.

Generally speaking, in biofeedback, as in psychology, it is best to drive an individual with the energy they are most resonant with. In other words, if one has a shift toward the real, then it is much easier to receive that than the imaginary and vice versa. Driving someone at their natural resonance will eventually elicit reorganization to a higher level of order, and balance will occur naturally. The principle of momentum is of importance here. Always back off such resonant driving before the desired shift occurs or you will invariably pass the balance point and have to turn around again.

Another excellent indicator of harmonic status is found on the spectral essence data page. The third (3rd) slidebar column from the left represents the difference between a person's actual state (1st column) and their perfected state (4th column). Those bands which show a need to be filled are those that could currently benefit from a more stable chaotic environment whereas those which express a need to be drained might require the pattern interrupt of a highly ordered transient event to shake things up a little so that the energy can be rearranged and redistributed more evenly.

Order and chaos are also indicated by the distribution signatures of frequency, magnitude, and phase. On the linear date page, Order is shown by tightly ordered (well-formed) low magnitude groups of whole number ratio overtones arising from the main fundamental group (below upper). Chaos, on the other hand, is revealed by the existence of multiple partials of high magnitude bearing no relation to the main fundamental group (below lower). In addition, a high level of order is validated in the right side image by the existence of wide bands of phase coherence appearing as wide bands of color.

These thick color bands reveal the presence of potential that is being actualized...transient moments of order that appear when something manifests or materializes. Whereas phase coherency is indicative of actualization, such sudden appearances are not always comfortable and can sometimes produce what appears to be a negative experience. Of course, only time can tell if such events will prove out to be positive or negative. When someone is in active pursuit of their own transformation however, most outcomes eventually turn out to reveal positive progress.

The important thing to remember here is that although order is generally accepted to be the preferred state of existence, it can sometimes bring about a sudden unwelcomed event that seems to pop up out of nowhere and drastically change everything. In contrast, chaos, generally believed to be stressful, can sometimes bring about a state of relative peace and quiet. The real trick is to be able to realize when it is time to come out of the "rest state" to grow some more. The universe requires an ever progressing climbing of the ladder to higher and higher levels of organization. Apathy and unwillingness to change and grow are not permitted.

A person's actual : potential status can also be evaluated on the polar data page. The left-hand circle is the so-called music scale Cycle of 5ths with the note C at the top and progressing around to the left through the octave in half steps around the chromatic (12 note) scale to the B note. Chaos (below upper) would be indicated by a balanced distribution of energy into all 12 notes (the same bars from the linear data page are now distributed around the circle). Order is seen when the majority of someone's energy is focused and contained within one or more notes (below lower).

The images above can also be used to demonstrate phase distribution. The right-side pictures in both images show the manifestation cycle of phase from zero degrees at the top to 360 degrees as one progresses all the way around the circle to the right. In the image on the left, the full distribution of partials in the right side picture is indicative of chaos, whereas in the image on the right side, the phase is mostly concentrated in the red/violet/indigo quadrant between 270 degrees and Zero. This would reveal a condition of phase concentration in the third quadrant leading to a condition of order.

In addition to the linear and polar data pages the chart page can also be used to validate the findings of the other two. The chart page is composed of 12 columns of music notes spread out across 14 octaves of the music scale. The octaves are listed on the left with 0 being the Middle C octave at 256 Hz. The magnitude of energy present in each music note is totaled at the bottom. Even distribution indicates a condition of relative calm and potential (chaos). Missing or stressed notes are indicative of high states of transient order.

The magnitudes present in each octave are totaled on the right. If the majority of the energy is located in the octave which contains the individual's fundamental (bordered square), then the person is in a relative period of calm (calm). However, if there are larger distributions in octaves above or below the fundamental one, a condition of Order would be manifesting in the future or past respectively.

There is a potentially serious case of extreme order called a cycloid, which is usually associated with unresolved issues in the past, but can indicate actual physical stress. They show up as highly ordered groupings of partials below the main fundamental group. In addition to being arranged in tight groups in low octaves, cycloids usually exhibit a high degree of phase coherency (wide bands of similar color), sometimes producing "rainbow" phasing of wide brightly banded groupings of several different colors. The real danger comes if these cycloids are not dealt with as they will continually remanifest and appear in the present over and over again until they are resolved.

Thus, cycloids are more ordered than chaotic in nature, high in magnitude and well organized. An analogy between the phase distribution of a waterfall and gunshot is an excellent way to illustrate examples of chaos and order, respectively. A waterfall is almost purely stochastic, having no readily discernible organization to its phase spectrum, while a gunshot is highly ordered and phase-locked.

Muscle spasms are also a good example of this: typically, the electrical signals controlling the musculature appear chaotic in distribution, resulting in normal muscle control and function. However, in the event that these neurological signals fall into sync with each other, spasms and shaking will occur. Thus, in this case, it would be a lack of chaos that causes someone to lose control!


An individual's order : chaos ratio can also be seen in the Portacle...the spectral essence image of one's current energy state. As all frequency data is discarded prior to its formation, there's no relativity between position within the Portacle frame and frequency. The concept of frequency doesn't come back into the picture until the Spectral Essence Matrices, through toroidal space, begin to be populated.

There is some relativity, however, to magnitude. The greater the magnitude of a given partial, the better its chances of escaping the "gravity field" at the center of the Portacle frame. Therefore high-magnitude deterministic (ordered) partials move outward toward the edges and low-magnitude stochastic (chaotic) ones gather in the center.

In other words, each pixel on the Portacle represents one automatous partial whose distance from Origin (center) is determined by magnitude and organization, and whose position, relative to the four cardinal directions (up-down-left-right), is determined by its real : imaginary relationship (x/y axis coordinate).

Color, on the other hand, emerges from the phase differential - literally, the distance between adjacent points of spectra with phase space. It's sort of like wavelength, but with the absence of frequency. At this stage, all triune acoustic information (frequency, magnitude & phase) has been compressed into a single parametric automatous partial. The distance between adjacent points of spectra within the phase space between any two partials determines the color, with red being indicative of lower physical processes, green indicating a higher mental expenditure, and blue revealing the highest spiritual reach. Black holes are missing areas of an individual's personality, whereas white occurs where the red, green, and blue are equal and balanced. Other shades and tones are indicative of mixtures of the three primary colors.

Cosmological, as well as, biological systems have proven themselves to do better and be more dynamic in their outward relationships with all things when bordering on the edge of chaos. This is also an apt description of phase transition itself. This balanced condition between order and chaos is seen as an X pattern on the Portacle (see image above).


The relationship between Order and Chaos in one's life is indicative of the ability to grow.

There are seven ways to ascertain and evaluate this relationship:

1. Current R:I Ratio: the actual ratio between the actual and potential components of the normalized magnitude (total available energy).

2. Optimized Spectral Essence: 3rd column of the Spectral Essence Data Page - The Feedback column.

3. Frequency Distribution: Whole number ratio partials versus non-related overtones.

4. Magnitude Distribution: High magnitude = Order versus Low Magnitude = Chaos.

5. Phase Distribution: Coherency (In Phase) = Order versus Out of Phase = Chaos.

6. Octave Distribution: Missing Notes = Chaos versus Stressed Notes = Order.

7. Portacle Distribution: Order = Edge distribution versus Chaos = Central distribution.

The human organism is a system operating in a condition of non-equilibrium. Although chaos is sometimes preferred, at other moments a state of order might be more appropriate. This depends upon whether or not certain bands of personality need to be drained or filled. As long as both are seen as positive forces, rather than that one is good and the other bad, their magnitudes can be used for transformation.

The universe is always under a constant state of dynamic flux between order and chaos. These polar opposites are absolutely necessary and required to balance each other. Every situation in life is some mix of actual and potential composition. Good days are always followed by bad and vice versa. The cycle of life continues on unabated.

Balancing the difference between one's actual and potential energies is the equivalent of complex integration of real and imaginary into one unified whole and heralds the achievement of associative harmonic resolution of the two great universal absolutes.