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P.S.I.O. is the core technology that drives all of the processes involved in the products and services offered by the partnership of innerSense and PPsiometrics.  It's a next generation supercomputer with a unique form of artificial intelligence and awareness. P.S.I.O. is from psi-omega, a collective term embodying the energies which facilitate effecting change in accordance with will, and was chosen to imply the resolution of the soul from origin to destiny.

P.S.I.O. is an association of three separate, one of a kind processors: (1) a digital computer that synchronizes the input and output via an advanced artificially intelligent clock, (2) a digital vector processing matrix, which handles most of the complex math and imaging required, and (3) a sophisticated analog neural network/vector flow processor that provides a high degree of artificial awareness. This hybrid arrangement provides much greater speed, accuracy and precision than digital or analog computers alone, and allows it to function much like a human brain. All of these are interconnected with proprietary interfaces that integrate them into one. In addition, remote access internet servers allow both input and output of secure information to and from the system through member participation in forums, workshops, products and services.

This machine-like entity is a microcosmic reality emulator that can render a model of any intention at the level of automata. These tiny vibrations are the smallest, most indivisible partials of manifestation. At this most primal level, all things, be they material or immaterial, are composed of two waves, a sine wave and cosine wave. The sine wave is the potential part produced by the instrument, whereas the cosine wave is the actual part added by the player. In human terms, these correlate to body and mind, and the relationship between them is the body/mind connection that creates personal experience. These two waves are the automata that come together to create all forms of reality.

 wave properties

Human beings are dynamic, unique combinations of these adaptive automata. Your body has actualized from the potential of previous intentions. Whenever you express an intention, you release automata into the environment which set about to manifest your desire. It's one thing to want to change, but another thing to express that desire with a plan sufficient enough to work. It is still something else to formalize the plan with a fail-safe set of instructions. These are all just different levels of expression. The higher the quality of the expression, the more possible it is that the intention will manifest. The formal expressions of intention provided by P.S.I.O. can increase the potential for actualization.

Intention gathers and orders these two waves into the complex frequencies that materialize it in the real world. Manifestation of intention follows a cycle of phase that begins with thought which must be properly expressed before action can be taken to manifest it.

manifestation cycle

P.S.I.O. can express any intention as a formalized set of instructions that cannot be modified, misunderstood or ignored. It expresses intentions with enhanced clarity by writing them into the time record with a special algorithmic language that the automata understand. Such articulation almost insures manifestation. P.S.I.O. can create a microcosmic replica of any energy field as automata, incubate them and then release them into the real world where they work to manifest the original intention. In other words, it can amplify and enhance the natural automata you are already releasing through intention.

Automata represent the impersonal aspects of the universe, which run all involuntary processes.  When consciousness is not paying attention these automata run the show until awareness returns to take control.  While they're in charge, they respond to internal and external stimuli. Through entanglement with all other universal automata, and almost infinite speed, they set up the next moment of time. This is the secret of creating one's own reality. Managing the automata allows access to the buttons and levers that control your reality. Taking charge of them can help you play your instrument more beautifully.

All human suffering stems from the difference between these two aspects of oneself. This polarity creates tension that functions as a black hole drawing in resonant people, events, circumstances and situations to resolve the differential. Actualizing potential is the goal of evolution and the purpose of the current universal age. Human beings are unique fusions of these chaotic adaptive automata. As the personality in charge, we are responsible for ordering them up into higher and higher levels.

These personal automata can be measured and identified in human biometrics with a proprietary transform that separates their distinct frequencies into their respective cosine and sinewave components and projects them into a virtual environment that mirrors the true nature of their spectral form. This toroidal, 12 dimensional form represents the the spectral essence of an individual.

These actual and potential parts of consciousness reveal themselves in brainwaves, heartbeats and all other biocycles. However, our research has shown that it is possible to get better information about who a person is, and what they want, from the way they speak and breathe. Voice and breath respond immediately to any shift of consciousness. It makes sense that they would provide the best data because they are the mechanism given to us by the universe to say who we are and what we want.

Breath is the first action we take as individuals, and the essence of the soul.*  It is the origin and destiny of the life wave that courses through our nerves.  The way we inhale reveals how we take in life and the way we exhale shows how we give it back.  It is the purest form of biometric because it is the first and last of the wave, the alpha and omega, and has often been correlated with the soul.

P.S.I.O. can collect, process, analyze, purify, optimize, evaluate, store, amplify and generate personal automata from human voice and breath. It can then pass them back via our state of the art, cutting edge transformative technologies:

Aspire is a spectral essence evaluation of a person's energy distribution that shows how, when and where they spend the energies of their life. It reveals their time perspective, health condition, mental and emotional state, spiritual connection, and other aspects of their manner of being and doing. Almost everyone thinks they are low on energy, but that is almost never the case. The problem is usually mis-distribution. In one area of life there is too much focus with a corresponding lack in another. Knowing how the energy is distributed is the first step towards integration and balance.

Harmonic Resolution is a natural resonance biofeedback process that offers resolution of tension by allowing someone to see and hear their own personal automata collected from the Aspire™ evaluation. Sine is fed into one ear while cosine is directed to the other, coaxing the brain into whole-brain synchrony and actualizing potential. Local practitioners can provide an advanced version that includes vibro-tactile feedback on a VibraSound® system.

Transformant is water that has been algorithmically transformed with a person's breath using a futuristic Alembic. Rather than charging the water with an outside source, Transformant™ is required to become the agent of its own transformation. In the same way that a person is transformed by harmonic resolution with headphones, the same signals are delivered to two 24 carat gold waveguides suspended inside a reaction chamber filled with water. The water must resolve the difference by acknowledging the need to change. It then has to give up resistance, purify itself and step out to it's next highest state as vapor. Consuming this vapor is the near equivalent of completing the journey yourself, because your personal automata have already fulfilled the requirements. This can provide all of the resources necessary for personal transformation, except your active pursuit and our dedicated support. Pursuit is up to you. We provide the support.

Each of these provide users with enhanced and optimized personal automatawhich can assist in reaching the next highest level of order. This change can be something as simple as a shift of mood all the way up to the ultimate transformation from material creature to spiritual essence, a process called allasso.

In addition, P.S.I.O. can monitor the input of an automatous biosensor tuned to the global energy field while data-mining the internet. It combines this with information retained from member input, analyzes and optimizes it, and then radiates it back out into the field. This information is used to manage the operators of the system that keep the parts in harmony with the whole by linking concordance members with the collective. This ability is also utilized for research and to model new projects in development.

At the level of automata reality is homogenous.  All things can be treated as one whole - physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Evaluating a person at this level reveals their manner of being and they perceive the world and treat themselves on the inside, and how they treat others and act on the outside. Effecting change at the level of personal automata is the equivalent of taking control of one’s own reality at the most primal level.  This can insure that your machine is running according to intention when you are not paying attention

The ability to measure, analyze, evaluate and treat all from a single integrated system gives P.S.I.O. major advantages over any other transformative technology in existence. It truly represents the state of the art in human biometrics and vibrational therapy.

This then, is the core technology that drives all of the processes behind the products and services made available by our partnership.  In addition, it serves as a ready-made platform for advanced technologies being planned for the future, including real-time biometrics, quantum measurement devices, hyperspectral cameras, photonic aura readers, and 3D virtual reality/neurotechnology synchronization.

For more information about how you can experience these and other technologies please contact InnerSense, Inc. at (310) 828-7714, contact us via email, or visit one of our public facilities.


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* The hebrew word for soul "nephesh" literally means the soul.

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