Spectral Essence

Spectral Domain, Reciprocal Space Conjugates of Time Domain Realities

Portacle is a word we've chosen to represent a portal or window into the reciprocal nature of an individual's personality that exists as a mirror opposite on the "other side". It is a commonly held belief by most scientists now that all material objects have such conjugates in a sister dimension that runs reverse to the one are aware of...so-called Antimatter. Electrons have positron partners, protons have antiprotrons, and neutrons are paired with antineutrons. In this way reality maintains balance…a triune nature of things and beings that exists as two polar opposites balanced by a third associative member.

The Portacle, as we use it in Harmonic Resolution™, is created as a visual representative of an individual's personal vibrational essence and provides a entryway into the inner world of their primary constitution. It is made by creating an optical diffraction filter (or pinhole mask) where each frequency of the stated intention is plotted as a hole on an x/y crosshair-like graph according to it's actual and potential coefficients. Called an s-plane view of a sound, this image represents the time domain essence of the intention gathered into visible form.

This filter is then used as a window, portal or "portacle" into the other side of reality called the spectral domain. 100% coherent, pure white light is shined through each hole and captured on a screen placed behind. This balances and optimizes the intention and creates an image that represents its true essence, and reveals what it looks like on the other side of the quantum veil in reciprocal space.

Instead of a regular screen, the projection is compressed into a zero-dimensional point and focused into the vertex of a 12 dimensional torus called a hypertorus. This shape represents the best topography in which to populate a 12 dimensional reality (12 dimensional superstring theory). A proprietary algorithm then unfolds the torus into a two-dimensional form that can be viewed on a computer screen.

This sister image, called a Spectral Essence Matrix, is a slice in time and portrait of one's true "inner-self".

William A. Tiller PhD's 1997 book, Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energy, Intentionality and Consciousness provides sound reasoning and lays a serious scientific foundation for our use of an optical diffraction filter as a visible representative of a person's vibrational essence. Tiller's working hypothesis is that "we are primarily elements of spirit, indestructible, eternal, and multiplexed within the Divine". Furthermore, we have a mechanism of perception within a ten dimensional mind domain. This mind mechanism creates a vehicle (body) for us to explore, discover, and master the inner and outer environments, which he likens to a simulator that allows us to test and evaluate the universe. He says it is "a teaching machine of wonderful capabilities, created by God's love for us so we might experience, grow, and be."

Tiller's visualization of this simulator utilizes a model of dual four-dimensional conjugate spaces to describe it. In other words, the 4D (length, width, height, time) world we are aware of has a "mirror" opposite, another four dimensions that are reciprocal in nature to the world we observe. Whereas the 4D world we perceive is called the real time domain, its reciprocal space is referred to as the imaginary spectral domain. For our purposes here, we will substitute the words actual and potential for real and imaginary. Therefore, the nature of reality expresses itself as a duality of opposites that reveals itself within an eight dimensional space (2 x 4D).

This eight dimensional physical space is embedded in a 9th dimensional emotional domain, which is within a 10th dimensional mental domain, trapped inside an 11th dimensional spiritual domain. Along with the container/vessel/womb that holds all of these realities, this results in a total of 12 dimensions. We live in a twelve dimensional universe. (Note* Tiller did not recognize the 12th dimension when he wrote this book).

Each of these different domains has its own special substructures, substances, and radiations, even though our immediate experience is limited to just the physical. The purpose of Tiller's book was to validate the reality of such supersensory space, substances, and radiations by providing a scientific explanation for their existence and function. As that is not the purpose of this review, we suggest you read his book if you are interested in knowing more about so-called "subtle energies". We want to now return and focus on the "mirror principle" mentioned above.

Much has been written on this subject of the conjugate/mirror/duality/polarity principle. Basically these "theories of opposites" all agree, validate and support each other. It is something we are all taught about from an early age…day/night, hot/cold, happy/sad etc. It is a phenomenon that is so obviously part of reality that most laymen and scientists accept it as fact. In the mirror world we are talking about here the opposites are the real time domain and its reciprocal…the imaginary frequency domain. The former is inhabited by electric matter of positive mass traveling at velocities slower than the speed of light. The latter is the home of magnetic matter of negative mass traveling faster than the speed of light. We experience the interaction between these two polar domains as electromagnetism. Our conventional senses can't observe EM's reciprocal partner magnetoelectricity.

The reciprocal nature of this relationship explains and resolves the so-called wave/particle duality that has caused such major confusion and disagreement within the physics community for decades…the truth is both exist! Tiller explains how these two "are conjugates of each other and represent two different aspects of the whole." Also, according to him, the configuration of magnetic substance in the imaginary frequency domain closely approximates a "Fourier transform" of its electric counterpart in our real time domain. The Fourier transform is a mathematical formula that can be used to break down any time-bound object into its component parts…the individual frequencies that make it up. It is an excepted scientific fact that the superposition of a complete set of these waves can be used to represent the form of any object. It is an important image processing tool which is used to decompose an image into its sine and cosine components.

The Fourier Transform is used in a wide range of applications, such as image analysis, image filtering, image reconstruction and image compression.

The image at the right shows how a complex waveform containing many frequencies (top tracing) can be broken down into its subcomponent sine waves (lower tracings) via the mathematical function of the Fourier transform.

The Fourier transform (FT) can also be used to describe the form of an aperture through which coherent light is shined. This is known in the scientific world as optical diffraction. An optical diffraction mask is a filter with holes through which a coherent white light is shined onto a screen placed at a particular distance behind the filter. The output of the transformation represents the image in the Fourier or frequency domain, while the input image is the spatial domain equivalent. In the Fourier spectral domain image, each point represents a particular frequency or partial contained in the spatial time domain image.

The top row of the above image (from Tiller's book) shows four different direct space shapes as holes punched in a piece of paper. When coherent laser light is shined through these pinholes, the conjugate pattern shown in the row below will appear on a screen behind the mask. Making such a reciprocal spectral domain image of a time domain shape is roughly equivalent to performing a Fourier transform on that shape.

Another famous scientist, Karl Pribram from Stanford, has pointed out that the human brain converts optical information collected from the time domain into the spectral frequency domain before processing, utilizing the Fourier transform as a bridge between the domains. This information must pass through the Fourier transform once again after processing, as it converts back to the physical time domain in order to manifest or take action via the motor nerves. David Bohm once said that if you didn't have a lens in your eye, the universe would look like a holographic, unfocused blur of light. This can be demonstrated by removing the lens from a projector while showing an image on a screen, which will suddenly appear as an unfocused blur of color showing that the object is actually just a collection of frequencies.

Scientists have now confirmed that any time-bound object viewed from the reciprocal frequency domain would appear as its Fourier transform. In other words, this is probably how someone on "the other side" in the spectral domain…ascenders, angels, or the divine, if there are such realities, would observe a physical object or creature in the time domain. Viewing something from this perspective allows one to see all the indivisible parts that make up the whole.

Since a Fourier transform is the best way to describe the current state of an object and, in addition, can be used to define the output of a diffraction filter, an optical mask is the best way to view the make up of any object such as a human being. The image projected onto the screen behind the filter reveals the individual's true reciprocal nature…we call this the spectral essence.

It is difficult to effect lasting change on something in the time domain because of limited access to all of the manyfactors that contribute to its current state of being and manner of doing. Limited because viewing something as a whole does not allow access to all the parts. In order to influence the parts, it is necessary to view the object in its reciprocal nature. The Spectral Essence Portacle is just that…the time domain pattern of its spectral domain essence.

In the case of HRT, the Portacle is further conditioned and used to produce another sister image called the spectral essence Matrix. A harmonic reference beam is shown through the Portacle and focused onto the vertex of a Torus, which is then unfolded into one of the three Matrices…real, imaginary, and complex. However, the image is not focused onto a mere flat screen because it is too dense. As you can see from the images above, even simple patterns involving a few holes or slits in the filter can create elaborate and complex patterns on the projection screen. Imagine what would appear if up to 65,536 holes were in the mask! This is what happens with during an HRT process and results in a signature pattern that is so dense, complex, and dynamic that a flat screen cannot hold it. Therefore, we have chosen a more sophisticated topology, a multi-dimensional environment, which is populated with automatous partials…the doughnut shaped torus mentioned above.

At this point in the procedure the holes represent automatous partials not acoustical frequencies. All such data as frequency, magnitude and phase have been compressed into a single zero-dimensional parametric point that includes all three. This means that each pixel of the Portacle is an automatous partial that represents the triune nature of an absolute automatous partial…frequency, magnitude, and phase. The magnitude and phase are determined from the makeup of the real and imaginary components. Once this data representing a person's current state is balanced and optimized it is used to create the spectral essence Matrix which provides an image for biofeedback via a computer screen. Viewing this image, while simultaneously experiencing its associated sounds and correlated vibrations, provides an opportunity to redistribute and reassemble oneself. Since these images represent the actual real and imaginary components of an individual, rearranging them can change the very essence of their being and doing.