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Portable Audio-Visual-Vibrotactile Music Massage System

The VibraSound® SENSORIUM is a specially designed massage system that uses any sound source (CD, tape, microphone, instrument etc.) to deliver a powerful auditory, visual, and vibrational massage to every cell of your body and mind. SENSORIUM is a leading edge, state of the art tool for quick and non-traumatic access to subconscious and super conscious levels of mind and a welcome adjunct to any relaxation, emotional, or inspirational therapy, whether personal or professional. In addition, this practical and useful InnerTainment functions as a new and unique form of recreation never before available until now...true "Virtual Reality". The ability to explore InnerSpace by actually being there is an experience almost everyone desires and deserves. Now, the SENSORIUM can make this dream come true.

The SENSORIUM'S powerful combination of Relaxation (Positive Energy Gain) and Recreation (Negative Energy Release), can free the focus of attention away from the external environment and turn it Inward. Scientists are only just beginning to understand the meaning and purpose of the extraordinary changes that take place when attention is focused inward. Literature abounds with research and development regarding these phenomenal "Non-Ordinary States of Mind".

Three quarters of the human brain stem is given over to the processing and transfer of Vibrotactile input. This large amount of processing means that Vibrotactile information is usually prioritized over other input by the RAS (Reticular Activating System), the brain's alerting mechanism. This allows a tremendous amount of information to be passed to the brain that is not possible with simple auditory and or visual stimulation. Any communication voiced into a microphone, played on an instrument, or dialed in by a therapist is presented to every cell of the body simultaneously. With the addition of the Sensory Interface, the auditory and visual senses can be added to the vibrational experience. This multi-sensory approach is based on the Theory of Sensory Resonance, as developed by InnerSense since 1978. When all of the senses are receiving the same information, they go into resonance, the RAS moves out of the way, and the consciousness that is freed up is usable for something perhaps more important...Self Discovery and Mastery. In addition, the powerful vibrations create a physio-acoustic effect that increases circulation, relieves tension, breaks up old patterns, and harmonizes the body. Many users report intense emotional and spiritual experiences as well.

InnerSense, Inc., makers of the VibraSound series of Sound Tables and Sensory Interfaces is pleased to offer this new addition to the VibraSound® Family. The SENSORIUM™ has many advantages over other mere light and sound machines::

  • User friendly design with slide bar controls rather than push buttons with dual outputs for therapist and client, or two users at the same time.
  • Easy to read Display indicates Modes, Settings, Timings, etc.
  • 20 Preprogrammed Sessions and a Manual Operation Mode.
  • Additional set of Frequency Generators for Vibrotactile Output create pure vibrations that ripple through the body like an internal massage therapist.
  • Harmonic Ratio programming between the Lights, Sounds, and Vibrations.
  • Works with both Music and Frequencies to all three Outputs.
  • MusicVision™ III Music Modulation allows the Music to control the Lights.
  • 10 Parameter Control provides the ultimate in Session Design, and many options for creating binaural beats with Lights, Sounds, and Vibrations.
  • Optional LSV Designer Software writes, uploads, and downloads User Defined Programs on your home computer.
  • Can be used on any Sound/Vibrotactile Table, Chair, Pad, or Platform.
  • Optional Visual Displays include choice of all light colors.






1. Segment Number 200 Limit
2. Time of Segment
3. Sound Tone Nine Choices

a. Pulsed Surf
b. Pulsed Tone
c. Pulsed Chord (3 Tones)
d. LFO modulated Surf

e. LFO modulated Tone
f. Binaural Beats
g. Binaural Beats with Surf
h. Dual Binaural Beats
i. Dual Monaural Beats

4. Light Pulse Frequency (Right) .25 - 40 Hz.
5. Light Pulse Frequency (Left) .25 - 40 Hz.
6. Sound Pitch (Right Ear) 16 - 960 Hz.
7. Sound Pitch (Left Ear) 16 - 960 Hz.
8. Vibration Mode Six Choices

a. Stereo modulated by LFO in or out of phase.
b. Mono modulated by LFO in or out of phase.
c. Stereo modulated by Frequencies 1 & 2.
d. Mono modulated by Frequency 1.

9. Vibration Top - Vibrotactile Vibration for Upper Body. 16 - 128 Hz.
10. Vibration Foot - Vibrotactile Vibration for Lower Body. 16 - 128 Hz.
11. LFO - Low Frequency Oscillator for Vibration 1/16 - 2 Hz.
12. Sound Volume - Level of Audio or Tones
13. Light Intensity - Brightness of Lights
14. Phase - The relationship between Eyes & Ears (Same or Opposite)
15. Duty - On time of the Light & Sound Signals versus the Off time for each Pulse.
16. Ramp - How the Light, Sound, & Vibrations jump or flow in between frequencies.


(Control Unit, Headphones, Visual
Display (Red), Power Adapter, Cables

Manual, and all Accessories....$695.00

(Common Ground Wiring)


LSV DESIGNER SOFTWARE..........$ 85.00



VISUAL DISPLAY INDIGO..........$135.00

COLORTRAC (15 COLORS)..........$199.00