The twelve Spectral Essence Matrices represent four different orientations of three basic images…the real, imaginary and complex matrices. These images are created by a proprietary technique based upon what we call The Human Algorithm, a mathematical construct that describes the "operating program" and "rules of being" for each individual.

Each Matrix is a view of the user's Harmonic Resolution, as distributed into toroidal (donut shaped) space with the mathematics of Superstring theory, and represents an "S-Plane" view where the X-axis is the Real relative to the flow of time, and the Y-axis is the Imaginary, relative to the flow of "Presence".

Presence, in this sense, is defined as "State of Being Present". All information below the X-axis reveals the dynamic flow of Inhalation, which is formed by the way life is "taken in" and how resources are "consumed". The information above the X-axis, on the other hand, reveals the dynamic flow of Exhalation, which is executed by outward "expression" and "putting oneself back out into the environment". The scientific name for this output of breath and voice is "Aspiration", which defines the way in which the vowels and consonants are "sounded". The way one "Aspires To Be" reveals their very essence. This is why we refer to the HRT™ analysis as a "Spectral Essence Transform".


Each of the pixels on the matrix represents one of the complex partials occupying the vertices of the user's Harmonic Resolution in toroidal space. In total, they look something like an ever-changing fractal (since the torus is constantly rotating in the Chromaphase views). Each of the pixels has a color that corresponds to some shade of red, green, or blue, the three primary colors (each representing the chromaphase dynamics in pure white light as it passed through the Portacle "doorway", formed using the essence drawn from the individual's voice and breath, to populate their toroidal space.

Red represents an essence, which is conditional state based, and most closely correlates to Physical Manifestation, Green embodies that essence which is logic based and correlates to the Mental Emotional realm, and the color Blue relates to that essence which occurs outside of the point of assembly, in the intangible realm often referred to as Spirit. When the magnitudes of all three are the same, that pixel shows as white. Black areas reveal missing frequencies, which cause holes in the surface of the Torus. Origin at the center represents zero frequency…and one's "origin". There is a zone of silence immediately surrounding the origin. Impinging upon, but not quite touching origin is the highest frequency found in the individual's toroidal makeup. Frequency decreases towards the periphery of the matrix. The lowest frequencies are found at the edge.

Circles indicate in-phase coherent groupings of partials within toroidal space. A perfectly harmonic and coherent essence would be nothing but concentric white circles (see the HRT™ matrix). Zero frequency exists at the Origin, which is centered upon the vortex thread, which passes through the middle of the torus. Moving away from origin to the left is viewing into the past. To the right is the future. The central vertical shaft through the origin represents the present moment. This shaft has also been used to code for the Chakras with the heart centered at the point of origin.

It might at first seem strange that the matrices might look like mirror images side-to-side and top to bottom. But because positive always balances negative, and the future is always just a reflection of the past (unless change is instituted) sometimes they do look similar. This is normal.

Low frequencies produce images that have coarser detail and are more blurred, whereas higher frequencies form images with finer detail and sharper focus. Black areas are missing frequencies.

There are many ways to "read the matrices" for specific and/or non-specific information. When HRT™ is incorporated into already existing therapies, instructions to the client will probably need to be custom designed. However there are six broad areas of discussion that might be considered:

1) The first has to do with Comfort And Gathering Of Essence. In much the same way the aural rendering is gathered by the ears and the body, the matrices may be gathered by the eyes. The difference here is that the visual matrix - in contrast to the aural vector - is persistent...it's "all there at once", whereas the aural rendering takes 1.024s to complete its manifestation. Further, the matrix - or visual rendering - has a substantially greater "dimension" than the aural rendering because it is unfolded directly from the toroidal space without transform. In the best possible scenario, the two renderings - both aural and visual - are apprehended together, since the former is the embodiment of time and the latter of spectra.

2) The second has to do with Reading And Comprehension. This is perhaps the most compelling application of the matrices, and care needs to be taken so that the process doesn't seem too much like "divination"!

Knowing precisely all of the algorithmic operations that go into the extraction of the matrix rendering can provide an understanding of how the matrices come to be, through all of their nonlinear intricacies. The matrices are unfolded from the torus into the two dimensional plane that is viewed. By backtracking, one could understand how the specific matrix came into being. However, this requires a lot of study or knowledge about advanced mathematics. Perhaps we will give courses on this someday.

It's a matter of simultaneously applying pattern recognition and "looking beyond" the apparent visual plane of the matrix (rather than at the "pixels" that appear to make it up). To be perfectly concise, the matrix is essentially a "photograph" of the individual's time record, taken from the perspective of the spectral domain…what we call the Mass Retain. A commonly used esoteric term for this would be "the Akashic record". The process of reading this "record" is a fluid one - as the eyes flow from structure to structure within the visual rendering - with each flow telling its own story, each intertwined with all the others.

3) THERE ARE SPATIAL ORIENTATIONS regarding the "reading" as well, for example...above there is a diagram called "banding" - which shows a matrix divided into three concentric areas. The center "circle" is the environment, which embodies everything surrounding the individual (including relationships with other people). The "ring" formed by the area between the two concentric circles is the self, or that person that stares back at an individual when they look into a mirror. The area beyond the outer ring - extending to the edges and corners of the matrix - is the core, dealing with the innermost aspect of the individual, effectively their soul (though not to be confused with their spirit). All three domains contain an equal number of partials.

4) THE CARDINAL DIRECTIONS of the matrix are also an expression of temporal relativity. To the west (left) is the past time record. To the east (right) is the future,. To the north (up) lies the individual's interaction with the present and to the south (down) are the resources (as well as drains) that are available now. The origin - the point at the center of the matrix - is likewise a thing unto itself...it is that which connects the individual, from their innermost core, to the divine (the origin is not part of the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 division - leaving 65,535 dynamic points to the matrix, or 21,845 per third).

5) THE ANGULAR DIRECTIONS possess their own unique consequence. The northeast, for example, is the environment wherein effecting change in accordance with one's will is manifest (in other words, if there are any "miracles" to be had, they'll be found here). To the southeast we can determine the constituents of need. The roots of past experience which remains held in special relevance lie to the northwest, while that which was not gathered or left behind, yet still has a pronounced impact, is in the southwest.

6) Within the matrices are MYRIAD PATTERNS WHICH MAKE UP THE FABRIC OF THE INDIVIDUAL'S TIME RECORD - along with "connective tissue", branching out like dendrites and weaving together a coherent tapestry of their inward and outward condition and experience. The trouble with this portion is that the possible patterns are endless in scope - there might be a person, an event, a perception, a span of time (or even a food item, scent, capability, memory or object of sentimental value) resident within a given AOI (area of interest) pattern - and the endless subtle variations upon this limitless population of patterns render automated recognition impossible.

The "Reading Of The Details" therefore becomes a balance between cognition and intuition. Many kinds of images can be seen in the matrices. Since the matrix constantly changes these images come and go, fade in and out, and flow into each other as the torus turns. Faces, scenes, landscapes, letters, numbers, etc…each one has meaning and value. Encourage users to remember the poignant ones, especially those that hold significance toward the intent of their original voicing.

The first step is to break through the shell of the human mind - located at that modal point between one's soul and spirit, the "habitual point of assembly" - to remove the perceptual filters which block the view of the amorphous, flowing language of the mass retain.