Each acoustical partial of the voice and breath is converted to a single automatous partial that exhibits frequency, magnitude and phase as one "parametric" essence. These automatous partials are divided and arranged into specific rows and columns of activity.
The page below describes these various columns, rows, bands and domains:


Personality Domains (5 Colored Horizontal Sections):

1-Reserve (White lower),

2-Physical (Red),

3-Mental/Emotional (Green),

4-Spiritual (Blue), and

5-Cumulative (Grey upper) - Show how a person's energy is focused and distributed with regard to the different energy domains.

No specific distribution should be considered as good/bad or right/wrong, but rather simply the way in which the energy was distributed at the time of, and in accordance with, the voiced intention. Domain, and thus color, are determined be the rotational speed at which the parametric changes within phase space or...Delta Parametric. The parameters changing at the fastest rates are considered to be intangible whereas those evolving more slowly indicate tangible energies. The lowest white Reserve Band includes all partials that are presently unassigned and not in play. The colored bands indicate dynamic energy that is currently in play with regard to the voiced intention.

Spatial Bands (4 Rows per Domain): Cumulative (Top Row), Core (2nd Row), Self (3rd Row), Environment (Bottom Row) - Shows how the person's energy is focused on their voiced intent and how is it distributed in and around themselves. Banding is determined by frequency. The lower third of frequencies relates to the environment, middle third to the observable self, and upper third to one's deepest core.




1. INITIAL REAL AMPLITUDE - THE CURRENT DISTRIBUTION OR ALLOCATION OF AVAILABLE ENERGY.  This is equivalent to the real amplitude column on the original data page, and represents the sum of all of the real partials in the toroidal matrix for each sphere (total, spirit, mind, body, root) and band (whole, core, self, environment).  Presented literally (the actual value, as in the original data page), relatively (as a positive or negative percentage) and graphically (with negatives extending left of center and positives extending to the right).

2. IN-PHASE TO OUT-OF-PHASE RATIO - BALANCE OF SPECTRAL POLARITY INHERENT IN THE FIRST COLUMN. Shows the relative distribution of in-phase to out-of-phase partials - the sum of the orientation (-/+) of each of the partials in the toroidal matrix - for each sphere and band.  In this operation, all of the out-of phase partials are gathered up and placed in the left accumulator and all of the in-phase partials on the right.  These are shown as percentages of the whole (with the negative percent on the left being out-of-phase and the positive on the right being in-phase) and graphically (where the "100%" graph is, in each case, positioned to show the left-to-right out-of-phase to in-phase balance).
3. IMAGINARY-TO-REAL BALANCE, MAGNITUDE AND PROGRESSION - THE ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS USED TO CREATE THE OTHER COLUMNS.  The entirety of this column is derived from the magnitude values.  To the left of this column, imaginary is presented for each sphere and band as a literal value (in millions, thus the "m") and as a percentage of the whole journey.  Likewise, real is presented in the same manner on the right side.  In the center, the literal value of complex magnitude is presented.  Below it, the direction of the progression of the journey, with arrows indicating the flow (for example, if imaginary (i) is rightmost, real (r) in the center, and complex (c) on the left, this would indicate that the progression would begin with the draining of imaginary into the draining of real into integration within complex...as another example, if imaginary were on the left and real on the right with complex in the center, this would indicate that the progression would begin with both the draining of real and the filling of imaginary into the integration within complex.  There are six possible progressions:

Where "i" embodies initial conception, "r" embodies perceived manifestation and "c" embodies complete integration with respect to transformation:

1.  "i>r>c" - change must be fully conceived before it can become manifest, and only once perceived can transformation be integrated into the whole (for example, a person wanting to lose weight who must plan their diet and then see some visible results before their being "becomes" the "new person" with changes in metabolism, etc).

2.  "r>i>c" - change must be perceived outwardly before it is permitted into aware conception - and, once rooted in awareness, can finally be integrated into the whole (for example, a person who sees things going on around them and then dwells upon the ramifications exhaustively before they are able to truly adapt to the exogenous change - thus, much of the world as governed by the news media, really).

3.  "i>c>r" - once something is fully conceived, it is free to take root and integrate in a transformative manner - then, manifestation flows forth from the complex, integral structure (for example, creation...or the true "miracle workers" who appear to transform themselves and those around them with a mere thought or belief).

4.  "r>c>i" - outward events and actions assembling naturally into transformative bodies - these dynamical systems then coming to shape the origination and conception of new awareness (for example, the presence of a pebble in a stream altering the dynamics of flow as the movement of water integrates with this change in "rule space", thus modifying the direction and "intent" of the stream).

5.  "c>i>r" - the transformative potential of a complex, integral system takes root within awareness - and, only once aware conception is fulfilled, are the changes that it is structured to effect perceived as manifest (for example, God! - wherein one feels they must have a inward grasp of God's power before they will allow themselves to perceive the outward impact of that power upon their world).

6.  "c>r>i" - the transformative potential of a complex, integral system effecting manifest change - the perception of this change then causing that which was affected to begin at the origin of inward transformation (for example, how God really works!  Another example would be the tides, where the transformative structure of gravitational pull integrates between the moon and the water, and the realization of its manifest impact thus changing the "awareness" and behavior of the living-seas).

There are many different definitions and examples of the above, especially considering how these are chained together. A good example of this "chaining" would be the process of having a baby, where we progress from "i>r>c" (where the i>r is the parents deciding to bring a new child into the world leading to the sexual act, then the r>c being the manifest mechanics of this act starting the miraculous transformation of the raw materials integrating into the genesis of life) to "c>r>i" (where the c>r is giving birth to the being who resulted from this transformation, then the final r>i being the origin of their journey of awareness). Thus, "having a baby" - being a "i>r>c" / "c>r>i" progression - could effectively be represented as "i>r>c>r>i"!

4. DIFFERENTIAL RESOURCES PROVIDED RESOURCES NEEDED TO TRANSFORM THE FIRST COLUMN INTO THE LAST. This is essentially the difference between the initial state and the transformed state, and illustrates both the addition and redistribution of harmonic resources through the course of the HRT journey.  This is presented as a literal number (effectively the differential between the initial real state and the transformed complex state), a "modulation factor" (the multiplicative degree to which the aggregate amplitude of the particular sphere and band of partials is amplified or attenuated...for example, +10.00x would be equivalent to a 1000% increase, while -0.10x would be a 10% decrease), and graphically.  In the graphic representation, a bright line through the center indicates a differential of amplification, while a dark center indicates attenuation.

5. TRANSFORMED COMPLEX AMPLITUDE IDEAL DISTRIBUTION. Equivalent to the complex amplitude column on the original data page, this column illustrates the post-transformation state.  This is the sum on the wholly integrated (complex) partials in the transformed toroidal matrix for each sphere and band, presented literally (the actual value, as in the original data page), relatively (as a positive or negative percentage) and graphically (with negatives extending left of center and positives extending to the right).

6.  THE NUMBERS IN THE CENTER OF THE FOUR COLUMNS are the actual measurements used to make the chart.

7.  BANDWIDTH DISTRIBUTION (Low - Mid - High Frequency bands) - In addition to the four columns, each column contains five sections of four rows each.  The color separations of the five sections relate to phase distribution discussed in the next section.  The four rows within each section relate to frequency.  The bottom three rows relate to different frequency bands.  The top row represents the accumulations of the bottom three rows.  In addition the three lower rows relate to time and space and reveal how the frequencies are distributed in and around the body.  Frequency increases toward the center and decreases toward the edge.  The highest frequencies make up the Core at the very center of the Personality.  The lowest frequencies lie outside of the body in the “Akashic Record” of the “Mass Retain”.  The skin, retinas, eardrums, taste buds, and nose linings make up the “surface” membrane (memory-brain) of the body, which holds the consciousness of the present moment.  Looking outward into outer space is peering into the past, such as we do with telescopes.  Moving inward from the skin through the organs, tissues, cells, molecules, atoms, and particles increases frequency and provides a view into the future.  The diagram below illustrates this “banding” around the Core.

The four rows, which indicate frequency distribution, are divided into three bandwidths plus a cumulative total:

TOP ROW: Cumulative of bottom three rows.

SECOND ROW (CORE): Highest third of frequencies - Superconscious Spiritual Realm - Inward Projected - Self Future.

THIRD ROW (SELF): Middle third of frequencies - Conscious Mental Emotional Realm - Present Self.

BOTTOM ROW (ENVIRONMENT): Lowest third of frequencies - Subconscious Physical Realm - Outer Projected Self - Past.

On the diagram above this is shown as banding around the energy field with zero frequency at the central core, immediately surrounded by the highest frequencies, which decrease back toward zero at the edge.  The Future Core is the area inside the central circle.  The middle band around the central core is the Present Self, and the area outside of the middle band is the Past Environment.  This banding of one’s energy field in and around their body is revealed in the Matrix views (see below).