VibraSoundâ Testimonials


  VibraSound has transformed my practice…it is the most effective tool I have for reducing stress in my clients”...Michael Galitzer, MD., American Health Institute, Los Angeles, California.


  The most advanced tool for consciousness integration ever developed”...Anthony Robbins, author of Personal Power, and Personal Development Guru, San Diego, California.


  The perfect blend of technology and spirit”…Takao Yamada, renowned Sensei, Mt. Fuji.


  The Best Place To Relax In Los Angeles”…Los Angeles Magazine (Best Of LA Issue 1994).


  Regarding the mind fitness technologies, VibraSound is the best of the best”…Norman Shealy, MD., Director of  The Shealy Institute, and world famous author, lecturer, inventor.


  As past president of the World Yogi Society and researcher into consciousness for the past 35 years, I can attest to the fact that VibraSound is the most effective device I’ve ever seen for accessing higher states of mind”…Christopher Hills, Ph.D., world famous scientist, author, lecturer, and mentor.


 VibraSound turns my adrenaline into endorphins”...Billy Idol, Rock Star, Hollywood, California.


  VibraSound reduced my stress so much during and after my pregnancy that I purchased two for my home”...Catherine Oxenberg, Actress, Hollywood, California.


  Consistently the favorite at our Megabrain Institute in San Rafael, Ca.”...Michael Hutchinson, Author of MegaBrain and Director of the NeuroTechnological Research Institute in San Francisco, California.


  A whole new kind of entertainment!”…CNN Science and Technology, May, 1996.


  VibraSound is leading the effort to reduce stress in Japan”…Tsuyoshi Yamada, Director of the MM8 Solar Family Network, Hachioji-Shi, Japan.


  Absolutely the best method to ready a person for chiropractic adjustment, or to integrate them afterwards”…Larry Reuter, Ph.D. DC., Atlanta, Georgia.


  VibraSound will revolutionize treatment of  “pleasure-freeze” (anhedonism)…Jan Hraniky, Ph.D., Carl Simonton, MD. associate, and Associate Director  of the American Health Institute, Santa Barbara California.


  A superior method of non-intrusive access to the sub and superconscious ”...Darby Long Ph.D., wellness therapist in private practice, Sante Fe, New Mexico.


  In my practice VibraSound has proven its ability to facilitate the treatment of dental  phobia as well as TMJ syndrome.  The possibilities are exciting.”…James Rota, DDS., UCLA., Los Angeles, California.


  VibraSound  may be the best vehicle for delivering change messages to the brain”..Tom Budzynski Ph.D., Director of St. Lukes Medical Center, Bellevue, Washington.


  VibraSound is the best tool I have for unlocking a person's true potential ”…Warren Barrigian, pioneer voice professional, opera singer, vocal therapist and founder of Vocal Biomatrix, Encino, California.


  In awe of this technology”...Larry Dossey, MD., renowned author of many  “consciousness” related medical books, and Director of The Prayer Institute, Sante Fe, New Mexico.


  A Must See!”…Travel and Leisure Magazine 1994.


  Our clients say that VibraSound is the best part of their experience at The Mind Spa ”…Robert Dallas, Ph.D., Owner of The Mind Spa, and certified board practitioner, Atlanta, Georgia.


  VibraSound is absolutely the best way to experience music!…Ayman Sawaf, recording artist, and owner of Whole Life, Inc., Newport Beach, CA.


  I consider VibraSound to be the most powerful tool available to become free of addictions and to explore the vastness of our potentials for health, creativity, and happiness…Tal Schaller, MD.,Director of the Center Solei, Geneva, Switzerland.


  VibraSound is the best tool we’ve found for relieving racial tension”…Linda Long, Director of The Isis Center, Johannesburg, South Africa.


 The VibraSound has been a major contributor to my practice of Psychiatry, creating deeper and more pleasurable states during hypnotherapy.  The therapeutic benefit is significant!”…James E. Kirkham, Jr., MD., Houston Texas.


  VibraSound’s ability to gently coax one into a theta state with music is why some of my clients are therapists.  I call VibraSound the “therapist’s therapist”…Chuck Cochran, DC., Santa Cruz, California.


  VibraSound is a unique approach that can make a powerful difference in any therapeutic environment.  I highly recommend it”…Hyla Cass, MD., Institute for Longevity, and consultant to the National Institute of Health...Los Angeles, California.