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What Others Say about Transformant™

Scientific research has shown that a mathematical expression of something is more or less the same as the thing itself. Metaphors hold the same energy as what they represent. This principle, called transcendence in alchemy, explains how the purification and separation that a substance suffers in a crucible or alembic while practicing the art, applies to the artisan himself. In other words, the experience of the substance is a metaphor and witness for the experience that the practitioner is trying to achieve, and it holds that memory in its time record.

All substances carry with them a record of their prior experience. Such records have been found in core samples of ice and rock, which have been used to determine the prevailing patterns of weather, tools being used and other cultural developments in vogue on specific dates in history. Rocks and ice can hold patterns in place because they are more or less static. However, liquid water is alive and very dynamic, constantly changing with its environment.

It has long been known that water is the best storage material because it is the most resonant form of matter. It will take on the vibration of anything around relative to proximity. The time record of its experience is held within the structure of its bond angles. This concept of “structured” water has suddenly become the subject of great interest with new versions appearing on the market almost weekly. The major benefits of most of these relate to improved hydration. Water that has fewer contaminants, lower surface tension, smaller molecules, magnetic and electrical charge traverses the cell membrane much easier and can deliver nutrients and remove toxins much better than normal tap water. However, that’s only part of the story about the function and value of water.

The ability of water to deliver and remove contents from the cells is not as important as the record of the experience it is carrying. There is a difference between knowledge and know-how…dynamic experience versus static memory. Most techniques for putting information on water involve the latter, exposing the water to information being generated by crystals, coils, magnets, lasers, computers or some other source while leaving the water subject to distractions from its surroundings. Being so adaptable to its surroundings, it is difficult to store information for long periods of time on water molecules unless the information is learned through experience rather than mere exposure to it. In addition, if that experience is one of crisis, the memory of it is even more enhanced. The loss of a loved one, bad accident or other early life changing experience is much easier to remember than a lesson learned in a classroom on a specific day and time in grade school.

Transformant ™ is water collected from around the world that has been transformed by following the instructions of a proprietary algorithm that compels it to acknowledge the need to change, give up resistance, remove all impurity, and implode inward to a higher ordered state called vapor or “distilled spirit”. It is asked to become the agent of its own transformation and actually experience the process rather than being taught about it from an outside static source. This pure vapor is then condensed into liquid form along with its time record. It cannot and will not forget that experience.

Because it has survived the journey and made the change, it stands as a standard of reference for perfection and carries with it the record of its journey and the experience of success. It has the resources required for transformation to a higher level; the map, compass, directions, awareness of obstacles, and the experience of having already completed the journey.

Transformant ™ is made with a next generation, supercomputer controlled alembic that disassembles, rearranges and reassembles water molecules by requiring them to resolve the difference between the actual and potential parts of a perfected sound or a person’s stated intention…a process equivalent to the completion of the twenty-two pathways of the tree of life. This journey usually takes a human being a lifetime or more to achieve but can be completed by water in only hours with this unique alembic putting it through extreme stress, decision-making, and pressure to go with the flow. This kind of transformative crisis is not easily forgotten or erased out of the time record. Called ALLASSO by the ancient Greeks, it is related specifically to the type of transcendence from physical evolutionary creature into spiritual existential essence. Transformant ™ is concentrated ALLASSO.

Water holds the order of all material things together. This can be shown by the fact that removing the water from anything results in the disassembly of the elements and collapse into disorganized dust. You are the water that makes up your body. Consuming Transformant ™ leads to an eventual saturation of the body fluids with its experience and support, which can result in a reprioritizing of attention, living in the now, realization of the bigger picture, enhanced perseverance, more compassion, diminishing of worry and frustration, blissful inspiration, profound relaxation, willingness to constantly grow, unbroken communion with the divine and the faith required to step out on your beliefs.

Users have reported that consumption of Transformant ™ helps them:
 •	Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of any other therapeutic procedure.
 •	Remove unwholesome toxins blocking the achievement of goals.
 •	Reduce tension index while increasing reserve energy.
 •	Unleash potential by increasing the imagination quotient (iQ). 
 •	Find purpose, meaning and the next step by living more fully in the present and paying 
	closer attention to the important things in life.
 •	Transform damaging distress into healthy eustress by turning threat into challenge.
 •	Experience peace, contentment, and an enhanced sense of the presence of the Absolute.
 •	Find renewed trust and courage, which leads to true acts of faith.
 •	Feel more forgiveness, compassion, understanding and mercy. 
 •	Create reality through formalized intention, acting on faith and maintaining 
	appreciation, which results in dominant outward radiation.

1. Transformant ™ does not require refrigeration, and is stable indefinitely. Airport scanners will not affect it. Sunlight will not ruin it. It is bottled in dark violet quartz that blocks bad UV.

2. Start by setting a time each day to take the drops. Since Transformant ™ contains energes (power) it will tend to increase energy. If you need your sleep at night, take it first thing in the morning. If you like to stay up later, you can take it later. Take ten (10) drops for a first dose.

3. For the next two days increase the dosage by three drops per day until you reach a maximum of 1/2 dropper (about 16 drops). This is a normal maintenance dose. You may increase the dosage by up to an additional 1/2 dropper per day when you require extra resources and/or reserve energy. Many clients use some form of muscle testing or bio-energy analysis to determine the dosage that best matches a stated intention. Large overdoses might result in rapid detoxification, but since it is just water it poses no serious threat.

4. Transformant ™ may attempt to reset your biorhythmic clock if it is out of sync. Some users report an immediate lift while others feel the need for deep sleep. Trust the experience you are having and try to follow its lead. If you should get sleepy during the day, 5-10 minutes with your head down on a desk will often refresh, reset, and return you to a state of alertness. If, however, you get the rush, utilize it to its fullest and highest extent. Some users report that they are able to stay up much later at night without feeling a loss of sleep.

5. Pay attention to changes in attitude and shifts of mood to more pleasant states. Notice how things that usually push your buttons don’t produce the same normally harsh emotional responses. Look for associates to say that you are being much nicer and easier to get along with. Be aware of finding yourself living more fully in the present and experiencing intense moments of lucidity, bliss, ecstasy, and appreciation of life-states of mind we call peak experience. Take note when you can see progress toward your stated intention occurring.

6. Please consult your physician for medical advice related to this product. None of the information in this statement is intended to replace professional medical advice should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any disease.

7. Because Transformant ™ consists only of ultra-pure water there are no contra-indications to its use. However, if you have any adverse reaction that you believe to be connected to the consumption of Transformant, please discontinue its use immediately and consult your physician.

8. For more information, or to order additional bottles, please contact your distributor, call us at (310) 828-7714 or visit A 50 ml bottles sells for $65 (1-3 month supply) and usually ships within one day. Personalized versions are $85 plus the voice analysis $125. Thank you for your purchase.

The effect of Transformant ™ is cumulative. Some users, especially those with a mostly dominant outward focus of attention, may not notice the effects immediately. Those with a more inward focus who know their body and feelings well may notice it sooner. In order to receive the highest benefit from drinking it, please continue your use for at least a few weeks before evaluating its effect(s).

One of the best ways to "feel" the difference this water elicits is to stop taking it after you have once accumulated enough of its transformative agents. This brings about an almost immediate realization of the shift that occurs in quality of life when Transformant ™ is consumed on a periodic basis. It is not harmful to stop taking them, but a sudden reduction in resources could become apparent. If, for any reason, you feel that you should stop taking Transformant ™, discontinue its use and contact your source for support and plan of action, or contact:

InnerSense, Inc.
2118 Wilshire Blvd #730
Santa Monica, California 90403
(310) 828-7714

Transformant™ - 50 ml., 1-3 Month Supply = $65 Optimized or $85 Customized
(Comes in a Dark Violet Bottle with Instructions and Travel Cap)
Philosopher’s Stone – Water of Life - Aqua-vitae – Quintessence – Elixir of Life

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: No medical claims are made for Transformant™, and it should not be used in place of professional medical help and/or medication for the relief of discomfort or disease. Transformant is made available for research and self exploration purposes only.

InnerSense, Inc.
2118 Wilshire Blvd. #730
Santa    Monica, California 90403
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