Virtual Dolphin Encounter

Swimming with dolphins has become all the rage as the absolute most fun thing to do.  Centers offering these encounters are popping up all over the world.  While a few people disagree with the capture and containment of animals, these facilities are actually doing some good by promoting the care and safety of sea creatures of all kinds, and by offering the special talents of these incredible cetaceans to those who are in some way benefiting from their help.

People have reported feeling extremely excited, awe inspired, and reverenced about swimming with these amazing creatures.  After their encounter, people have claimed that they experienced all kinds of therapeutic effects from the experience, ranging from profound relaxation, exhilarating highs, to all manners of changes within their bodies, minds and spirits.  

We have taken this approach even one step further...imagine swimming with dolphins without the need for capture and containment, time restrictions, safety requirements, and without the need to travel to some expensive and exotic destination!  Enter the world of Virtual Dolphin Encounter™, an experience you will never forget.  Coming to your area soon in the form of a location-based entertainment and therapy center, you will be able have this amazing experience any time you want, at a cost much less than the actual thing and with an ease that greatly surpasses the time and hassle of traveling and booking a destination.

Our unique approach is made even more special because of fortuitous alliances with some of the most knowledgeable and sophisticated dolphin researchers in the world. The dolphins utilized for Virtual Dolphin Encounter are owned by Dolphin Discovery of Cancun Mexico and are known as the Dolphins of Isla de Mujeres.  They have been chosen because of their unique personalities and skills and have been highly trained to work with people in need of physical, mental/emotional or spiritual healing, in a playful but serious manner.  We have been working with these dolphins for over 10 years under the guidance of the Aquathought Foundation and the International Symposium on Dolphin Assisted Therapy held in Cancun each year.  Jupiter and Lewis, the pair often appearing in our literature, are just a couple of these special creatures who welcome you to this unique form of interspecies encounter.

In addition, the content developed for VDE™ is a recording of actual dolphin therapy sessions created with the most scientifically accurate auditory, visual and vibrotactile recording equipment available anywhere on earth. SpeakDolphin, the creator of this amazing content have their offices in Miami, Florida.  Using this sophisticated technology, it is now possible for you hear and feel the entire spectrum of dolphin echolocation. For more information about their special work, please visit them at

Combined with the technical superiority of the VibraSound® multi-sensory feedback vehicle, this fully immersive experience represents state of the art in virtual reality.

Virtual Dolphin Encounter™ was designed and developed by Don Estes, creator of the world famous VibraSound® tactile multi-sensory platform, and founder of InnerSense, Inc., a company dedicated to bringing transformational technology to the world.  InnerSense, Inc. is a member of ISDAT (the International Symposium on Dolphin Assisted Therapy), which has training and research facilities at Dolphin Discovery™ on Isle de Mujeres off the Coast of Cancun, Mexico.  In association with the Aquathought™ foundation, and Dolphin Speak™, Inc., Virtual Global Healing™ is now offering Virtual Dolphin Encounter™ directly to the public.

Virtual Dolphin Encounter™ grew out of a virtual experience called CyberFin™ that was first unveiled at InnerSpace in Santa Monica, California in 1984 and again at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia at the world's first indoor theme park called MindWave™, which offered 3D virtual reality experiences based on non-violent, non-combative, and non-competitive virtual reality experiences.  Virtual Dolphin Encounter™ is the culmination of years of research and development and experience with offering this incredible experience to the public.

The way it works is as follows:

  • A person's harmonic signature is obtained via the Aspire Spectral Essence™ program, a supercomputer controlled process that uses a person's breath to establish their harmonic body of resonant frequencies (their personal harmonic signature).
  • This signature is fed into a system that increases the frequencies into the range of dolphin echolocation, and then fed back to them via a VibraSound® Liquid Crystal Mattress that allows them to feel it in every cell of their body just like being in the water with the actual dolphin.  (This biofeedback procedure is optional and not mandatory for the typical user).
  • At the same time, the client is visualizing a pod of friendly dolphins via a 3D virtual reality screen, while listening to music created to enhance the experience via stereo headphones, along with pre-recorded dolphin whistles and echolocations obtained with a state of the art recording method while they are in the midst of doing therapy.
  • The experience ends with an eyes closed experience that can only be compared to lucid dreaming using a sophisticated light and sound device (the Sensorium™) and a patented circuit called MusicVision™ that synchronizes flashing lights with the music.

The benefits of Virtual Dolphin Encounter™ are similar to the real thing: 

  • Simultaneous exhilarating recreation and profound relaxation - resulting in a feeling of alert calmness that lowers the tension index and raises reserve energy (the ultimate stress management system).
  • Incredible inspiration - enhanced feelings of well-being, peace, connectedness and knowingness that everything is okay.
  • Feeling of oneness with the other creatures of this world, and a sudden realization of the need for interspecies communication.

Many people have reported having unbelievable things happen while experiencing Virtual Dolphin Encounter™ ( See Testimonials).

Locations currently available to experience Virtual Dolphin Encounter™ are:

The Aha! Spa™ and VibraSound® Showroom – InnerSense, Inc. – 12579 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, California, 90066.