Music has thousands of years of history as being useful in therapy and a wide range of other uses.  144 thru 178 and 369-370.  A recent review of the literature uncovered the following reported effects of music: (Bibliographical references from the Vibrational Science Library).


·        It is the "Genesis" of all communication 150

·        It is the underlying principle of all universe phenomenon 31

·        It is the "Healing Power of Nature"…Hippocrates

·        Transmits an "Abiding" message even across generations 151

·        Increases physical vitality, relieve fatigue and inertia. 149

·        Pierces through moods, calm anxiety and tensions, uplift feelings. 145

·        Focus thinking, clarify goals, release courage, and follow through. 151

·        Deepens relationships, enrich friendships. 146

·        Stimulate creativity and sensitivity. 146

·        Strengthen character and constructive behavior. 151

·        Expand consciousness of God and horizons of spiritual attunement. 170

·        Music can make one "invulnerable" to stress. 150

·        Alters Heartbeat and Nervous System favorably. 150

·        Promotes Relaxation and more Constructive Attitudes. 152

·        Clears and Purifies the Body and Emotions 151

·        Can change one's perception of Time 172

·        It can release healing "endorphins", stimulate the Immune System and reduce pain. 74-77-154-155-156

·        It eases the pain of migraine headaches 74-77

·         Increase Lifespan, and improve the quality of life 175

·        Generate and change emotional experience 147

·        Enhance Visualization and Imagination 146

·        Harmonize Both Hemispheres of the Brain 176

·        Enhance the Inner Journey of the Spirit 151

·        Increases Learning Ability and Memory Retention 187

·        Music slowed Pulse and lowered Blood Pressure 157-158-175

·        Lower levels of stress related hormones 158

·        Less pain and need for pain killers in surgery patients 159

·        Less pain and need for drugs in expectant mothers 158

·        Better weight gain in premature infants 159

·        Sooner release of premature infants 159

·        Activates the pain killing "enkephalin" system. 160

·        Activates the Ascending RAS and produces Endorphins. 161

·        It can massage organs and entrain biorhythms. 162

·        Music can create a new memory process. 54

·        Bombarding patients with low frequency sound waves in a "Music Bath."278

·        Induced relaxation and sleep in mentally retarded children. 278

·        Music has a direct link to the central Limbic system of the Brain, as well as the autonomic nervous system (and therefore the RAS) 164

·        Harmonizes the Body, Mind, and Spirit into one Coherent Entity 174





VibraSound® is a proprietary technology based upon the Theory of Sensory Resonance, which states that the key to health and happiness is the ability to Experience life as much as Analyze it.  Too much analysis leaves one short of experience.  Experience actualizes in human consciousness as either pleasure or pain.  Sensory Resonance brings about a state of pleasurable experience.  This Healthy Pleasure has Applications (See Below) in just about every field of medicine, psychiatry, stress management, recreation, and entertainment.  VibraSound is the choice among professionals for the perfect device to transfer any type of vibrational information such as music, sounds, frequencies, light, colors, tactile vibrations, or communication therapy.  285
            Sensory Resonance is a state of mind that occurs when one is extremely inspired, challenged or relaxed in a pleasurable experience.  It cannot be achieved under conditions of boredom, threat, or pain.  VibraSound® was designed to help users relax and become inspired at the same time by synchronizing their senses of Sight, Sound, and Vibration with a unique form of Music Therapy that allows them to simultaneously see, hear, and feel the harmonic vibrations.  Being relaxed and stimulated at the same time can lead to states of Sensory Resonance that can bolster one’s health by helping to balance the Autonomic Nervous System, the body’s number one control mechanism.

            VibraSound® consists of four main parts:

  1. Liquid Crystal Mattress that sends music as vibration to the body
  2. Visual Display that sends music as light pulsations to the eyes
  3. Immersion Headphones that send music as sound to the ears
  4. Sensorium TM LSV interface synchronizes the sound, light and vibration



VibraSound® synchronizes the sensory mechanisms and encourages deep relaxation, profound inspiration, and emotional balance.  Sessions are 30-60 minutes in length and are available in various Locations around the world.  The Music can be from any source, custom mixed during the session, or Pre-recorded Sessions based on theme.  Sessions can be pre-recorded (with and without therapist), live, or a mixture of both.  With a mixer console, microphones can be connected and used for voiceovers, instructions, guided imagery, and/or psycho/hypnotherapy. 
There are four different models of the VibraSound® Platform. Each model has its own advantages and applications.  Please review the Products Section of the corporate website to see details, specifications and prices at 


WaveTableTM Liquid Crystal Table – The Flagship and industry standard


·        Zero-GTM Reclining Chair


·        TransporTableTM Massage Table


Vibrotactile Music DolphinTM



Healthy Pleasures are forms of pleasure that lead to increased health, as opposed to pleasures that lead to illness and destruction.  Healthy Pleasure improves access to states of Sensory Resonance.  Unhealthy habits lead to The Pleasure Freeze (see to, the root cause of many terminal illnesses.  Below are some examples of the similarities and differences between Healthy and Unhealthy Pleasure:


        HEALTHY PLEASURE                                               UNHEALTHY PLEASURE

  • Intimate Time with Loved One
  • A Stress Free Vacation
  • Exercise, Fresh Air, Sunlight
  • Relaxing in a Spa or Hot-Tub
  • Listening to Music
  • Giving or Getting a Massage
  • Stopping to “Smell the Roses”
  • Enjoying a Nutritious Meal
  • Engaging a Sport or Activity
  • Challenge and Success
  • Expressing Your Truth
  • Tears of Joy

·        Social Isolation

·        Addiction to Work

·        Constant Television

·        Overexertion

·        Criticizing & Complaining

·        Helper/Giver Syndrome

·        Always on the Go

·        Pigging out on Junk Food

·        Becoming a Couch Potato

·        Not Engaging Life

·        Concealing Your Truth

·        Tears of Sadness















Of course, never ending healthy pleasure could lead to disconnection from reality, and never enjoying an un-healthy could cause one to become too uptight.  A healthy balance would lead to a lifestyle that leans toward the healthier forms of pleasure, while sneaking in an unhealthy one now and then as the need or desire arises.


VibraSound incorporates many of the factors of Healthy Pleasure.  In addition, it provides:





















Applications for VibraSoundÒ therapy cover a wide band of the vibrational spectrum:
·        Motion (Vestibular Therapy)
·        Movement (Dance & Gesture Therapy)
·        Vibrotactile (Force Transducers)
·        Sound and Music (Hyperspacial Speakers)
·        Ultrasound (Zirconium Time Domain Transducer)
·        Olfaction (Aromatherapy)
·        Infrared (Water Heater)
·        Light and Color (Sensorium LSV & Music Vision)
·        Magnetic (Pulsed Magnetic Field follows input)
Because of this wide range of therapeutic output, VibraSoundÒ is being used by various professionals in different fields such as:
·        Medical and Paramedical for relaxation, depression, and circulation
·        Psychotherapists, Hypnotherapists, and Psychiatrists for fast, non-traumatic access to the subconscious
·        Dentists for dental phobia and TMJ
·        Acupuncturists and Polarity Therapists for stimulation and motion
·        Chiropractors, Physical & Massage Therapists for improvement of adjustments
·        Music Therapists and Musicians for ultimate playback
·        Businesses for corporate stress management, productivity, and insurance
·        Attorney’s for ease of arbitration between protagonists
·        Home owners for relaxation, recreation, and inspiration
·        Behavioral Therapists for substance abuse rehabilitation


One of the most interesting applications of VibraSoundÒ is in the field of beauty enhancement.  There is a connection between Beauty and Stress.  Cutting edge beauty salons all over the world take great pride in the art of highly skilled therapists to help clients not only look better on the outside.  This is the essence of the fine art of master health professionals.  In addition, however, there is a deeper meaning and value to true beauty that lies beyond the mirage on the surface.  This is the image of your-self that lies within the subconscious mind the land of the greatest nation on earth the Imagi-Nation.



Within this realm of all possibilities lies the key to real beautythe perfected inner image of your own self. Such a perfected image of one's self is not an easy attainment.  Of all of the many things that block this desired self-image, however, the one that does the most damage is STRESS

The inner domain of the unconscious mind is of vital importance, not only to beauty, but also to health, happiness, and the ability to manage stress.  Everyone has heard the old adages about getting their beauty rest and that true beauty comes from within. These old sayings conceal the greater truth that what we think and how we feel on the inside is more important than what we do on the outside an idea that medical research is now beginning to support more and more.


Many people use alcohol or take pills to alleviate stress.  However, these don't seem to help all that much, fail to provide lasting relief, and eventually wind up making the problem even worse.  Exercise is better but still does not get to the real causes of stress.  In fact, for some, the extra work and time commitment can create even more tension.  Stress is like a double edged sword it robs you of your good energy, the kind you use to work and play, and replaces it with a false energy called anxiety, which is not only useless, but actually wears you down with worry.

Keeping your protective shields up all the time requires more energy than you can take in.  This is the origin of stress.  You simply must learn how to relax and let go, and find meaning and purpose in your life.  Feelings of love, peace, inspiration, creativity, emotional release, and a connection to all of life can transform you and help you become a more beautiful person, inside and out.


In order for you to look, feel, and perform your best, your mind and body must be working in harmony and functioning in peak condition.  However, stress interferes with normal mind/body synchronization.  In fact, nothing can do more physical and psychological damage than stress.  It scrambles messages in your brain and creates confusion, which leads to hypertension, headache, fatigue, insomnia, and digestive disorders.  It can also aggravate pain and skin disorders, and draw vital energy away from the immune system.  Studies have also shown that it is also the single most important contributing factor to artery deterioration and heart attack.  In short stress can shorten your life!


Unmanaged stress shows all over your face and body language.  How many times have you heard someone say "you look stressed out"?  It adds new lines to your face and deepens the ones already there.  Restricted circulation causes your skin to loose its tone, color, and healthy glow.  In addition, muscle tension can create imbalances in your posture, which makes you look old and tired, and can lead to more serious conditions. You begin to look older faster.


There is currently a worldwide stress epidemic.  This is especially true of western societies, but is also true of eastern ones, which have traditionally had a more relaxed lifestyle. The epidemic has now spread to include most of the third world.  It has become obvious that it is not likely to go away.  In fact, indications are that it will continue to increase.  The only thing we can do about stress is to get a new perspective on it to learn what it really island to apply that knowledge toward dealing with it more effectively.  For example, contrary to popular belief.


There are two radically different types of Stress.  The more common "Fight or Flight" type of stress is now called Distress because it elicits the nervous system to move away from a balanced condition (homeostasis), and causes it to speed up into a sympathetic state of threat.  Pulse rate increases, blood pressure rises, and muscles tighten, as the body gets ready to fight or run.  In addition, the brain produces certain fear chemicals that shut down circulation to the skin, turn off the immune system, and provide pain relief as the body prepares itself to take on damage.

The lesser-known type of stress is called Eustress, which also causes a sympathetic response, but in this case, the perspective is different.  In this case, the stress is perceived as challenge or opportunity, rather than threat.  A good example is two people preparing to jump from an airplane.  The first person is an expert, while the other has never jumped before.  Careful analysis of both individuals during their jump well illustrates the difference between distress and eustress.

Both show the signs of the well-known sympathetic nervous system response.  However, the professional can be shown to be experiencing challenge and bliss, while the novice is experiencing threat and fear.  This shows up in marked differences in certain biofeedback parameters that indicate whether the person's metabolism is moving toward or away from a balanced condition (homeostasis).  In other words, there is a difference between Distress (threat/fear) and Eustress (challenge-opportunity-inspiration). In time the novice skydiver learns to change the initial impression and turn the threat into challenge and finally into bliss.  This ability to turn threat into challenge is the best life-coping skill you could ever develop.  It is the single most powerful tool you could own for controlling your life.  In short not all stress is bad!  Becoming challenged and inspired is the fastest and easiest way of reducing stress and helping yourself look younger and more beautiful.  Being inspired by your favorite music while you are relaxing is one way to learn this important skill.


Now that we have a new perspective on stress, let's talk about rest and relaxation.  When you lie down to rest you again have to choose between threat and challenge in a more subtle way.  As you begin to relax you must decide whether or not you are too tired and exhausted to simply rest and meditate.  You may have to go to sleep to get away from the stress you are under.  This is a subtle case of threat and you try to run away.  This is what happens when you go to sleep.  The brain begins to file away all the stress signals to clear up limited circuits.  When enough circuits are clear you wake up.

However, when you make a conscious decision to stay awake during rest, a different mind state occurs.  You pass into a meditative state where you are alert but relaxed.  Vivid memories begin to stir and a sense of peace and well-being, flood your body with goose bumps.  Creativity flourishes as problems seem to disappear, solutions arise, and time and space become one.  Your connection to the circle of life becomes clear, and it is obvious that there is no need to worry.

This nervous system condition is called the parasympathetic response.  Pulse rate decreases, blood pressure falls, and muscles loosen as the body prepares itself to relax.  Circulation to the skin is increased and the immune system kicks into high gear as the body begins to repair itself and store energy during the deep delta stages of sleep.  As you begin to wake up, however, you pass through a phase where information is filed and the subconscious mind becomes active.  This is known as the theta dream-state.

Dreams can be powerful experiences for emotional release, self-observation, and realizations of where your life is heading.  When we don't dream, we continue to build up the stress until we become ill or begin to have nightmares.  One of the most meaningful things you can do to enhance your beauty is to encourage dreaming.  The ability to let go and really get rested and recharged is an art that must be practiced and nourished. This is the true essence of rest. 


These days hardly anyone would argue against the idea that one of the main causes of disease is distress, even conservative medical professionals.  Furthermore, the cause of this distress is being shown to be a medical condition known as Anhedonism the inability to experience pleasure.  Now, of course, it is obvious that the world is currently plagued with an over-indulgence in pleasurable pursuits, but this is exactly the point for the most part, people don't know how to fully experience pleasure in simple healthy terms, so they go searching for more radical sordid forms.

There are all types of healthy pleasures:  experiencing music, taking a walk in nature, soaking in a hot-tub, making love, enjoying family and friends, massage, sports, arts, learning, and discovery.  Many people would include meditation and even spirituality.  The truth is whatever it is that you love that is the thing that gives you the most pleasure.  Love is the highest form of pleasure.  Worship is the highest form of Love.  Unfortunately, much of the world has fallen into the trappings of unhealthy types of pleasure.  Pleasure has had to go underground.  Sensory has become confused with sensuous, and it is no longer politically correct to discuss pleasure.

The time has come to change all that.  Healthy pleasure is not only good for you, but also vital to your well being.  Without it you will never look and feel your best, and in addition, potentially set yourself up for a whole host of serious illnesses.  So take your choice a life full of healthy constructive pleasure or a life full of boredom, loneliness, pain, and fear.  A trip to your favorite place to relax and have fun is in order!

With all the time demands that modern life heaps on us, such stress free places can seem to be very far away.  Sometimes the time and effort required just to plan, prepare, take a vacation, and catch up when you return, just adds more stress.  What if there was an affordable way to get to one of those places in just a few minutes, without the hassle involved in planning a trip?  What if there was a way to engage in an activity that was both relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time?  What if there was a technology available that could make all of this possible?



Imagine lying back on a comfortable recliner into a position that feels like you are floating on air.  Beautiful music pulses through your body and surrounds your entire being.  An incredible light show of colors, geometric forms, and dream-like visions dance inside your head, even though your eyes are closed.  The uplifting aroma reminds you of something wonderful, but you can't quite remember what it is.  Childhood memories flood your brain.  Your skin feels tingly as your breath rate synchronizes to the music.  When it is all over, you are not conscious of your body.  It takes a few minutes for you to fully return.  Suddenly, you realize that you are incredibly relaxed, and yet, extremely alert!  What just happened?

You have experienced VibraSound, a new technology proven to lower stress and improve the life experience of anyone who uses it.  VibraSound creates a state of mind called Sensory Resonance where each of your senses is receiving the same information, in this case, music chosen for its special therapeutic effects.  Sensory Resonance has been shown to improve the status of the nervous system by returning it to a state of balance.  In addition, it has reportedly reduced muscle tension, removed stress lines, improved skin circulation, and recharged the body.  In addition to enhancing your beauty, these effects can also help you become healthier, happier, and full of energy.  It is the only method that incorporates both Relaxation and Recreation into the same experience.  In addition, VibraSoundÒ incorporates almost every one of the factors that lead to healthy pleasure relaxation, music appreciation, meditation, art, massage, emotional release, and inspiration, and even lucid dreaming. 


Maintaining your inner beauty requires the same type of skill and repeated effort that outer beauty requires.  Seek out a local VibraSound therapist who understands the connection between beauty and state of mind.  These are professionals who can assist you in designing programs suited to your particular needs.  Four to five initial sessions can help make this new perspective on stress become a reality in your day-to- day life.  Continued use can keep you looking and feeling more youthful, fresh, alert, energized, and truly BEAUTIFUL. 

VibraSoundÒ, a state of the art neurotechnology that blends almost every aspect of Sensory Resonance, Healthy Pleasure, and Vibrational Therapy into one coherent experience, is currently in use with professionals all over the world.  It has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Next Step, Beyond 2000, Future Science, and Science Frontiers as well as many other national and international media.  The "techknowledgy" synchronizes light, sound, color, intent, aroma, breath, and intense vibration with music so beautiful that it will put chills up your spine.  The internal massage performed by the music leaves your body feeling relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated at the same time.  By synchronizing all of the body's main sensory input channels, it coheres the mind into a state called sensory resonance that can result in a peak experience.  Beyond the benefits already discussed, this Regenerative Innertainment can assist in stress management, creativity, emotional release, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution. 



For more information about VibraSoundÒ, or to schedule your own Peak Experience music therapy session, please call our Los Angeles Studio for directions, appointments, and services.  For other national and international locations, please visit the Public Locations page.  The cost of a one-hour session is $125 and includes a personal CD copy of the Session that can be taken home for repeated use.  Custom designed music programs are available for an additional $125 and include all of the CDs used in the program…an excellent way of adding new music to your library that has been chosen by experts for its special effects.  In addition, all of our pre-recorded VibraSoundÒ Music Session CDs are available for sale.

In addition, you might like to schedule an HRT Natural Resonance Biofeedback Session, which uses a supercomputer to harmonically analyze your voice, and then flood your senses with your own natural resonance.