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Aspire™ and Harmonic Resolution™ are a futuristic, cutting edge, supercomputer biofeedback system that gathers from a person's breath and voice their personal harmonic signature , optimizes and redirects it back to them via a multi-sensory vehicle that allows them to see, hear, and feel their own optimized spectral essence. Doing so essentially drives an individual at their own natural resonance, enhancing the harmony they already possess and allowing them to reassemble themselves into a higher levels of order.

Harmonic Resolution ™ is a sophisticated vibrational therapy that utilizes light, sound, color, and tactile vibration to synchronize and cohere the sensory mechanisms, bringing about a state of "sensory resonance" extremely relaxed state that allows non-critical acceptance of the feedback signal. Harmonic Resolution allows access to innerspace...the realm of the imagination and all potential possibility. Releasing one's potential can yield dramatic and positive effects on their life. This is the essence of human transformation, and the underlying purpose of Harmonic Resolution.

The process begins with a spectral essence evaluation called Aspire, which is an aspiration that includes both inhale, exhale, and spoken affirmations. This "voicing" is processed on one of one of the most unique supercomputers in the world. A proprietary spectral transform gathers the natural resonance, optimizes it, and then outputs its harmonized essence to the visual, auditory, and vibrotactile outputs of a practitioner's or client's home computer. A free software playback program allows access to one's session at any time desired.


Harmonic Resolution Therapy has its inspiration and development centered in ten fundamental key concepts:

1. Human biometric measurements (brainwaves, heartbeats, skin conductivity, voice signatures, etc.) reveal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual status of the owner.

2. Spectral analysis of the breath and voice (aspiration) is the biometric of choice for evaluating the physical, mental, and spiritual essence of a human being. Breath is the fundamental cycle that drives metabolism, and voice is an extension of the breath. Breath reveals the way in which we take-in life and express ourselves back out into the environment, and voice is the mechanism we have evolved to communicate who we are and what we want out of life. Whereas brainwaves reveal mostly what a person is thinking, and heartbeats mostly what a person is feeling...the breath and voice patterns weave both together in real time. In addition, since most biofeedback is performed with sound, aspiration analysis provides the ultimate feedback source of vibrations that do not have to be arbitrarily converted from electrical signals like brainwaves and heartbeats.

3. Most human suffering stems from tension created by the difference between the actual and potential self. This duality also reveals itself as manifested vs. un-manifested, real vs. imaginary, and body vs. spirit. Mind is the complex operator that resolves the difference between these opposites, and "assembles" them together into manifested reality. The problems that arise in life do so to help resolve this tension. Anything short of 100% purity is apparently not enough since we are constantly, as ancient texts put it, "purified by fire"...continuously thrown back into the flame for further purification until we are fully actualized…the true meaning of perfection.

4. All living organisms have some degree of harmony no matter how imperfect they might be. This natural resonance is referred to as their "resonant frequency signature". Driving any object at its resonant frequencies enhances its natural harmony. Continual entrainment will cause it to re-order to a higher level of organization.

Perhaps the most common example of transformative resonance is that of an opera singer shattering a wine glass. Of course, inanimate objects like a wine glass have no built in mechanisms by which to re-order themselves after such chaotic event. However, humans do it all the time…each of us experiences crisis and life shattering episodes. The old adage is that these challenges either kill you are make you stronger. This saying is just another way of indicating that under such stress, we either sink into chaos, or re-order to higher levels...growth or regression...harmonic transformation or discord.

5. Multi-sensory biofeedback is the method of choice for altering human rhythms and mindsets. VibraSound® technology is the ultimate feedback system and a perfect match for Harmonic Resolution ™ because by synchronizing the senses with simultaneous personal harmonic resonance the information is shared with multiple parts of the brain. For example, if someone says his or her name to you it stores in one place in your brain. If you say it back, it re-distributes to two. If you write it down it is goes to three, and if you look at what you wrote, it gets shared with a fourth. In other words, the more places related information is stored in the brain, the more integrated and useful the information becomes, and the easier it is to recall and utilize as resource. Imagine lying on a warm liquid crystal mattress while pulsations from your own vibrational signature ripple through your body, surround your ears, and excite your eyes.

6. Consciousness can only exist in one of two modes at any given time. During any event, the mind either diffusely absorbs into the experience, or narrowly focuses to analyze it. Whereas analysis is important, taken to an extreme it can block access to all the good things in life. Harmonic Resolution ™ takes experience to a new level by providing multi-sensory feedback of a unique and captivating nature. This leads to peak experience, which can immediately reprogram the personality and re-order it to higher levels. The resultant euphoria experienced releases neuropeptides that cause "goose bump" rushes to race up and down the body. This can increase the ability to experience pleasure in life and retards the pleasure-freeze phenomenon (anhedonism) that can result in terminal illness. In addition, such experience can increase the bandwidth of consciousness and the quality of life.

7. Many people who feel tired and burned out actually have enough energy, but have it unevenly distributed or allocated to unneeded tasks. This energy consists of "resources" which have triune physical, mental, and spiritual qualities. Re-distribution of available resources is sometimes an easier and more balanced approach than just adding more energy.

8. Amplitude and magnitude are measurements of the total energy inherent in any individual frequency. Enhanced resonance results in magnified amplitude, which increases the available energy. This additional energy can then be re-distributed according to one's own natural harmony.

9. There is a fundamental and common time base that unites all of life together. It is the number that resolves the music octave. This universal time code not only unifies the various frequencies of each individual, but can also resolve any or all groupings of individuals. It connects all of the subparts of an individual, as well as each individual one to another.

It is a ratio that represents the original fall from absolute perfection of spiritual potential into the relative manifestation of actual physical reality, and is best expressed in music theory. Western music scales are conveniently "tempered" to make the octave double in frequency with each progression for ease of use, but the natural octave of the Universal Rhythm does not exactly do so…it comes up short by a small fraction known in music theory as the Great Diesis…a small ratio mathematically expressed as 125:128.

As a time-based ratio the Great Diesis allows for smooth transition between the temporal and spectral domains and resolves differentials between analog and digital vector processing. All human action takes place in the temporal domain of relative time. However, all of the possible outcomes of such action are concealed within the spectral domain of frequency or relative vibration. The Great Diesis facilitates transformation and provides the foundation for the Harmonic Resolution Natural Resonance Biofeedback Therapy programs made available through various output sources around the world.

Converted to frequency, this ratio provides a universal fundamental for all wave phenomena such as gravity, sound, light, and human biometrics. In other words, it is a number that ties us all together as whole number ratios of the Universal Rhythm and allows therapies based on enhancing what's right about an individual rather than fixing what's wrong.

10. The Harmonic Resolution ™ process can be applied to any substance that is liquid or gaseous. State of the art transformational resources can be made using Harmonic Resolution ™. For example, the water that makes up 70+% of your body can be enhanced with superior harmonic water that has been purified and transformed by the Harmonic Resolution ™ technique. These droplets of liquid light can provide pure energy when extra resources are required.

Harmonic Resolution ™ synchronizes all of the above into one coherent experience producing, in essence, harmonic resolution. Imaginary becomes real...potential becomes actual. Energy increases, and healing is allowed to take place. A new sense of direction and purpose become evident...unity arrives. AHA!


The Challenge

Life's greatest challenge is to become true to one's inner self. The best things in life come from this Inner World, but this special place is not always easy to find. With so much external stimulation it's sometimes difficult to turn the focus of attention inward. As the young narrator of Steven Spielberg's recent TV mini-series "Taken" so aptly remarked..."it's like trying to find your way back from who you've become to who you know you could have been."

Most of us have something that we would change if we could. A better job, new house, improved relationships, more time…however, these things don't just magically appear. Sure, one might manifest in a crisis from faith or even luck, but these types of transformation usually take lots of time and effort. One's ability to create their own reality is equal to the degree to which they can actualize their full potential. Things just tend to stay the same until Imagination becomes Real.

Sometimes we don't live up to our full potential and therefore must put up fronts, guard against exposure, and cover up our shortcomings, unwholesomeness, and failures. This type of defensive posturing uses up a lot of good energy that could be appropriated more efficiently elsewhere.

The tension that is created by such polarity results in fear, anxiety, paranoia, and loss of direction, all of which can further lead to bad health, lack of success, and dissatisfaction with life. Feelings of love, peace, connectedness, universal security, and overwhelming ecstasy are not easy to come by when the focus of attention is on the outer world. Only by returning to Innerspace can such experience be found.

Although many techniques have been developed to treat the problems caused by the difference between the manifested and un-manifested self, nothing short of true harmonic transformation can have a lasting effect. Relaxation, meditation, and stress management techniques can be effective, but to be therapeutic, sincere change must occur.

The Solution

The solution to life's greatest challenge is to become whole, pure, and unified...the True Self, defined as...not divided or disjoined but in one unit...not wounded, injured, or impaired, but sound and not lacking any parts...a complete thing of uniform composition, not mixed, free from harmonic accord, without discordant entity made up from interrelated parts with singleness and constancy of purpose and action.

In other words, to become the true self, one must first rid themselves of all unwholesomeness...the thoughts, expressions, and actions that keep them from manifesting what they want out of life. Accomplishing this goal stops the hurt, frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, disgust, contempt, hatred, and pain that continually show up in life to help teach us that we ourselves are responsible for our own progress.

There are two types of change. The most common kind is the "natural growth" of a seed to plant or child to adult...evolution from a simple form into a more complex one, which occurs whether the individual is ready or not. The only other type of growth is "harmonic transformation", which happens by choice. In order for this to occur, the tension that exists between the actual and potential self must be balanced and resolved. Of course, each person has a different time perspective and governor and therefore vary in the amount of time it takes to manifest change.

Whereas evolution occurs without any desire or effort, transformation requires the elements of choice and action. In addition to this active pursuit, harmonic transformation requires the dedicated support of others involved in one's life. An example of active pursuit is your reading this paper. Our promise to support you is an example of dedicated support. The only other requirements are the tools and energy necessary to direct and power the process. We call these....... Resources.



Resource is a collective term that refers to the various forms of energy available for use at any given moment. Whereas there are many different types of resources, they manifest in three main forms:



Mind connects to both the physical and spiritual domains via emotion. In other words, mind resolves the tension between body (subconscious) and spirit (superconscious) as emotion. The complexity of mind is the domain in which we assemble the time (actual) and frequency (potential) components of our reality. These variant energies are resolved by mind through both the higher and lower emotions.

All three of these forms of energy exist in both the internal and external environments. They come from that which is currently available within the self, and/or from that which has been trans-formed and stored in reserve.

Capabilities such as intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, council, worship, and wisdom are examples of internal resources that can be utilized in creating new realities. The inner ability to coordinate thought, expression and action is vital to manifestation. Great genes, healthy living, preparation for the future, and financial independence are good examples of stored energy.

Resources are also found all around us in the external environment. Generous family, close friends, influential contacts, uncollected debts, and lucrative professions are examples of such external sources of help. All of these are just different forms of energy that can be called upon to deal with crisis or institute change.

When the "reserve tank" of resources is full, change is easy and progress is swift. When reserves are low change becomes sluggish, and it becomes difficult to get out of unpleasant situations. In spectral terms these reserves are the tiny vibrating strings described in Superstring Theory, the prevailing concept used by physicists to describe matter. In other words, resources can be thought of as the quantity and quality of vibrations that make up any individual form. The more harmonic strings available, the more integral the membranes of the body, the clearer the boundaries between self and not-self, and the more channels one can communicate on...see membranes of life.

Harmonic resolution therapy Harmonic Resolution ™ is a supercomputer spectral assessment, multi-sensory feedback experience, and energy resource system that is designed to provide the tools and power necessary for transformational change. Its creators have a combined experience of over 40 years research and development into vibrational science, human biometrics, and transformational technologies. Harmonic Resolution ™ represents the State Of The Art in biometric measurement, multi-sensory biofeedback, and pure-energy supplementation.



This technology has not been approved or dissaproved by any government or industry regulatory agency. It is offered for experimental and entertainment purposes only. No medical claims are made, and the process should not be used in place of qualified medical procedures or professional help. There are no known negative side effects to Harmonic Resolution except the possible rare condition of photoepilepsy, which can cause seizures to occur in those with the disease sometimes when they watch the computer screen. Any medical condition that includes seizures as a symptom should use Harmonic Resolution only with their personal doctor's written permission. Professional therapists offering Harmonic Resolution are available in various locations around the world. Clients at these facilities are asked to sign a waiver saying that they have been told about the possible contraindications for Harmonic Resolution and are thereby releasing the therapist, manufacturer and software provider from further responsiblity for any unknown medical conditions or complications arising from use of the technology. In some cases, flashing lights are used in conjuction with professional sessions and further increase the risk of seizure in those with the condition. Anyone unwilling to take the slight risk of using such equipment should not use it.


The cost of typical Harmonic Resolution sessions depend on the services included (below):

1. Aspire™ Breath and Voice Analysis..................$ 125.00

2. Follow Up Phone Consultation (30 minutes)......$...45.00

3. At Home Session on Client's Home Computer...$ ....N/C

4. On-Site Harmonic Resolution™ Session............$ 125.00

5. Total On-Site Analysis and Feedback Session....$ 250.00 (All of above)

Harmonic Resolution is offered almost everywhere by phone and/or the Internet. On-site sessions are offered at selected locations. As this is a new process, there are only a few currently offering professional therapy level sessions. For a list of these facilities please visit:


InnerSense, Inc. is now offering training to become licensed Harmonic Resolution Practitioner. No prior experience or degrees are required, but knowledge, experience, or interest in vibrational science is very helpful. Harmonic Resolution™ assimilates very well as an adjunct to many other professional therapies, expanding their capabilites. For more information about using Harmonic Resolution, VibraSound, i-drops or any of our other products and services in conjunction with other therapies, please contact us directly. To purchase an operating license with access to the Vector Farm super-computer visit Harmonic Resolutionsofwareandhardware.htm.


There are various systems marketed for the purpose of performing voice analysis. Whereas most of these exist for improving vocal performance, a growing number of researchers are beginning to show that the voice can also be used to improve health, success, and satisfaction with life. Both manual and computerized methods have been developed for such purposes. Most of these rely on standard computer platforms that do a fair job of measuring and massaging of data to provide limited spectral signatures of the voice. In addition, many include the ability to see the octave or music notation distribution. Whereas these may be good and valuable diagnostic tools for simple frequency analysis, they do not have the power needed to include magnitude, phase, and complex frequency separation of the real and imaginary components of each partial, nor to simultaneously translate the audio time domain data over into the spectral frequency domain for visual display.

In addition, they do not provide a sophisticated output or feedback mechanism so that the data can be effectively used. The results of such analysis must usually be analyzed and input into other feedback devices. Since the accuracy of such analysis is typically limited to (+/- 1 Hz.), it is difficult to obtain enough accuracy to achieve exact music scale notation, which requires at least (+/- .01 Hz.) of accuracy and precision. Also, such limited accuracy cannot resolve whole number ratios of the Great Diesis.

Harmonic Resolution ™ is based on a new computer concept called "distributed clustering" where multiple computers are linked together. Access to this Supercomputer allows accuracy, precision, complexity at speeds unavailable by any other practical means. All data enters and exits the network through our 100% secure portal. Our station is the only one with the complete voicing as all others receive only individual components. Therefore, all information can be maintained in optimal confidentiality.

The Harmonic Resolution™ process is very different from other voice analysis programs. Among its unique features and benefits are:

1. Standard Spectral Analyzers are limited in resolution…the ability to "resolve" the difference between one partial and another. Typically these types of devices are computer driven and resolve frequencies down to +/- 1 Hz., or one cycle per second. Since the "natural second" is shorter than our standard second, these programs cannot resolve whole number ratios of the Great Diesis, and therefore may entirely miss partials with their standard FFT analysis.

A small percentage of partials (overtones) in an individual's voice are not whole number ratios of the Great Diesis, but rather groups of frequencies that are forming their own resonance rather than synchronizing to the rest…alliances against the body. These aberrant partials can be included in standard FFT spectral analysis, whereas in the Harmonic Resolution ™ program they are excluded from both the analysis and feedback, resulting in pure, noise free evaluation and therapy. Harmonic Resolution ™ improves the Signal to Noise Ration (S/N).

Whereas most programs measure only the voice, Harmonic Resolution™ includes breath analysis as well, which reveals how an individual both takes in life (inhalation) and expresses themselves back out into their environment (exhalation).

2. Human biometrics has long been limited by the inability to find the so-called "fundamental frequency" of brainwaves, heartbeats, or voicings, without which true harmony cannot be determined. Human beings are capable of producing an entire range of fundamental frequencies across a wide span of the vibrational spectrum. During any voicing, EEG, or EKG, unless they are pure tones, the fundamental drifts around. The best that can be done is to take a timed sample (usually at least 30 seconds or longer) and then "normalize" all of the resultant frequencies into the "average fundamental." Unfortunately, this destroys true harmonic relationships.

However, recent discoveries with our supercomputer and vector processing algorithms have revealed that the universal rhythm of the square root of minus one resolves itself through the functions of the Great Diesis...the universal ratio of resolution. This has provided the universal fundamental frequency, which validates itself through experimental testing. Many of the frequencies comprising all natural vibrations have been measured to be whole number ratios of this universal fundamental. We can now find a person's naturally occurring resonance based on the Great Diesis. This not only reveals the parts of a person that are resonant with each other, but also the parts of them that relate to everyone else.

Whereas each individual has a unique collection of frequencies, they are all whole number ratios of the same number. As a person's fundamental frequency floats or drifts around, the amplitudes and phasing of all its component overtones stay the same. Therefore, it is now possible to establish a true harmonic signature of the human voice. Using this natural resonance to enhance what a person already is (actual self) releases what they can become (potential self). In addition, since everyone's signature shares the same universal time-base, the feedback therapy does not harm the therapist or others present, but rather links them directly together.

3. Harmonic Resolution ™ looks for what is right in a person rather than what is wrong. Instead of looking for "missing, stressed, or multiple" frequencies and trying to replace them, Harmonic Resolution ™ finds the natural resonance of an individual and enhances it via multi-sensory biofeedback. There is a reason why people have missing frequencies...they will not absorb or allow them into their field. It is much better to focus on what's right and attempt to magnify or enhance that, than to try to fix what's wrong. Enhancing the natural resonance helps problems resolve themselves.

4. Complex frequency signatures like the human voice are composed of many interrelated parts or "partials", which are actually overtones being created from the drifting fundamental frequencies. Each of these partials can have a different phase. When something is "in-phase" the peaks of each wave come together at zero or 360 degrees. When the peaks of the waves separate in time, the phase can shift between one and 359 degrees of a clock face.

Harmonic Resolution ™ can measure, separate, analyze, and reproduce all of the harmonic partials in a person's voice, not just the fundamentals. In addition, it can maintain the phase relationships of the original voicing. The user is allowed to select the mix of fundamentals and partials to sound in the feedback. This allows the process to "empty out" overstressed frequencies with the fundamentals and "redistribute" the overtones with different mixtures of partials.

5. The main reason phase distribution has not been traditionally used in analysis is because it is not possible to find "zero" phase with the previously available technologies. However, with supercomputer power, and by establishing the phase of the fundamental as the standard of reference, the relative phases of the partials can be determined. Re-assemblage and re-distribution of these phasings enhances the ability to manifest desire from thought, expression, and action...three of the four quadrants of the Manifestation Cycle.

6. Complex signals consist of both real and imaginary components, respectfully...the cosine and sine wave functions, which run at 90º angles of each other. The imaginary sine wave function represents the frequency domain component, which in music terms would relate to the signature of the resounding body of the instrument. The real cosine function represents the exponential time domain amplitude envelope the energy of the frequency rises and falls over time. In music this is called the attack, sustain, release, and decay. Periodic signals contain only attack and decay.

Supercomputing power allows Harmonic Resolution ™ to separate the real and imaginary phases of a person's voice and resolve the difference via Whole-Brain Synchrony. The real components of the partials are routed to the left-brain, whereas the imaginary components are routed to the right brain. This assists the brain in resolving the difference between the two domains through binaural phasing, which results in actualization of potential. The real and imaginary domains (body and spirit) are reassembled (by mind) in the complex domain of whole brain synchrony.

Exposing purified water in a reaction vessel to the real and imaginary components of harmonic series of the Great Diesis causes it to effervesce, vaporize, and purify itself beyond any means of measurement. In other words, it sets itself apart by becoming the agent of its own transformation via unity and purity...the essence of what is defined as...holy. Of course, a human being could not withstand such a fast resolution, as more time is required to purify a lifetime's worth of abuse or neglect. However, with enough effort and the right tools and support, human transformation can be achieved.

7. One of the most critical factors in performing accurate voice analysis is the recording itself. Minimum requirements are a reference quality microphone sampling at least 32,000 times per second in 16 bit mono format. Most voice analysis programs record at 8-16k Hz., which does not provide enough resolution or frequency range to be of therapeutic use. In addition, if the recording is loud enough to "clip" the recorder, false information is obtained in the analysis.

Furthermore, it is hard to compare various voicings because of the difference in recording levels. Harmonic Resolution ™ solves these problems by using state of the art recording technology, supercomputer analysis, and by "normalizing" the recording to the individual's voice within the spectral domain. In other words, the highest amplitude partial is established as 100% and all others are placed relative to it. This allows for the determination of normalized magnitude…the total amount of energy currently available.

8. Many of the available voice analyzers have octave distribution grids showing how many times a particular music note sounds over several octaves. Our octave grid encompasses fourteen (14) octaves with each note measured in total magnitude rather than total number of times a particular note sounds. This provides a much more accurate measurement of the total energy in each note. In addition, Harmonic Resolution™ shows the total phasing of each note. Octave distribution has been shown to have significant diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.

9. Most sound therapy is delivered via mono or stereo channel feedback thru speakers and/or subwoofers. Harmonic Resolution ™ includes six channels of user-designated output so that the feedback can be routed to additional and different sensory receptors, such as visual and vibrotactile. Different but related harmonics can be routed to the various senses.

10. The advanced computing power of Harmonic Resolution ™ allows the aural feedback to be rendered in visual form via a unique and proprietary algorithm that converts the sound vibrations into spectral forms based on Superstring Theory. The resultant complex frequency domain diagrams produce fractal like images that allow the user to witness all their actual and potential energy in dynamic flow.

11. Most voice analysis programs require complex analysis, diagnosis, and "tuning" of separate frequency generators to provide the feedback. Harmonic Resolution ™ provides both the analysis and biofeedback capabilities built into one piece of software. In this way, all frequency, phase, and magnitude relationships are maintained between the voicing and subsequent feedback. Because our software takes automated control of 65,536 individual, phase-coherent frequency generators no "decisions" are required, just user or operator "choice of settings".

12. Other programs include information that can be used to evaluate the harmony and/or coherence in the human voice. The Harmonic Resolution ™ software includes a plethora of data pages that allow for a complete harmonic analysis of any sound (see Interpretations section of the manual).