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What Others Say about Transformant™

TransFormant™ is made from water that has been algorithmically transformed into a higher state of order by cavitation, vaporization and reassembly of its atomic structure. While the relationship between molecules in ordinary water is extremely chaotic & random, the microstructure of Transformant is highly ordered and evenly distributed.

It is transformed in a patented, futuristic Alembic which requires it to resolve the difference between the actual and potential parts of a consumer's voice and breath. Similar to a distiller or deionizer, this unique device can transform liquid water into vapor using the sound of your voice and breath. Since everything you absorb gets directly integrated into the body-mind-spirit system, consuming a substance that has undergone such transformation provides a pattern or template for such growth to occur within yourself.

A proprietary Algorithm of Spectral Transformation rewrites your intention into a formal mathematical expression, so that it cannot be modified, misunderstood or ignored. This expression is then separated into it's actual and potential parts (spirit vs. body). Next, these two signals are delivered to two 24 carat pure gold waveguides suspended inside of a reaction chamber filled with water. The water is required to resolve the difference between these two polarities of your energy field and goes through a multi-stage process as follows:

1. Acknowledges the need to change.

2. Gives up resistance to the change.

3. Removes all unwholesome blocks in the way of transformation via purification.

4. Steps out into the next highest state of being, which for the water is vapor. For a human being this correlates to the transformation from material creature to spiritual essence.

In other words, it is disassembled, rearranged and reassembled by overcoming crisis. The water must rise to this challenge, undergo phase transition, and reassemble itself into a victorious totally pure, balanced substance that carries the memory of this transformative experience. In addition, it retains along all of the tools and resources it had to develop to undergo this death and resurrection. In other words, it contains the resources for transformation, garnered through experience through crisis. It does not forget, and cannot be changed unless it were forced into another more powerful experience.

Whereas our patented production process can purify and transform any substance in liquid or gaseous state, we have chosen water as the current carrier of this unique form of energy. 

There are currently many forms of so-called "structured water" offered for sale to the public as water substitutes, additives, and concentrates. Whereas we consider many of these as superior to the tap water available in most parts of the world now, they are mostly focused on improving hydration, nutrient delivery and toxicity removal. They have proven themselves to enhance health and performance. However, they do not seriously address the complex mental and spiritual formative antecedants that actually predetermine a person's health or abilities.

They can make sure that information gets to the cells of the body more efficiently, but usually do not provide the information. Those few that do can only provide what they learn from being exposed to the data from an exogenous source such as a coil, magnet, crystal, or laser.

In other words, this kind of water is "educated", but it's difficult to lock this restructuring in. Water is the most resonant solvent in the known universe. It will take on the energy or intention of anything that it gets in close proximity to. However, when it is moved closer to something else, it will immediately become sympathetic or resonant with its new neighbor.

In addition, there is a huge difference between knowledge and experience. Knowledge learned in the classroom has mostly been forgotten, but we all remember lessons that have come from experiences involving extreme challenge or crisis that permenantly and eternally changes our lives. The old adage is that "it either kills you or makes you stronger". This is just another way of saying that such challenge results in harmony (assembly to a higher level) or chaos (disassembly). Since knowledge imparted by exposure onlyis not applied under stress or crisis, these "structured" waters can later become easily distracted by new energy fields.

Water holds together the order of the body. This is shown by the fact that solid objects disorganize into dust if their water is removed. Therefore, it is the organizing element that holds the body together. To change your unique formulation of water is the equivalent of changing yourself.

The experience that the water goes through is the equivalent of a person becoming enlightened and transforming from a material object into a spiritual essence, like a sage, guru, master or tsadik. Consuming it is almost like someone who has passed over returning to let you know that you don't need to worry. Once you know for sure that life goes on forever, it takes the sting off of being here and now. There is no need to rush, and it is easier to take faith in the bigger picture.

The dictionary definition of holy is "pure and set apart from". The absolute purity of Transformant along with the experience of overcoming the stress of ultimate transformation makes it a standard of reference for perfection and holiness.

Having a full spectrum of partials allows TransFormant to provide reinforcement to the harmonic pattern already present within any living body. Life's greatest challenge is to become one's true self. Of course, transformation of issues accumulated over a lifetime are more complex and require more time to change. However, replacing the tissue fluid of your body with this harmonic template can begin the process and provide the energy and support needed for completion. Consuming it is the equivalent of consuming waves of harmonized white sound or drops of liquid light.

The results experienced by taking TransFormant™ are manifold and have the potential to positively effect virtually every aspect of one's life. Some of the tested and/or reported results are:

Noticable effects usually manifest as changes in attitude and timing. Feelings of peace, trust, well being, connection to source, and that everything is okay are often reported. Perseverance and patience increase. The abilitiy to resolve discordant issues is enhanced. Seeing the "big picture" becomes easier and easier. The timing of "coincident" events become more and more obvious. Being in the right place at the right time becomes a commonplace occurrence.

Increasing allasso (mental energy) encourages the natural gathering of energes (physical energy) through proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and recreation. In addition, it assists in the gathering of ktisis (spiritual energy) via prayer, worship, and exercise of faith. If energes is not sufficiently absorbed, the result is weakness and poor physical health. When ktisis is ignored, spirit renews itself through crisis or conflict.

Allasso increases patience and the willingness to give up resistance to change. Created during phase transition from liquid to vapour, it helps resolve physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual disharmony. The transformative nature of mental energy resolves the difference between physical and spiritual energies. The root of the Greek word allasso implies the transformation from material creature to spiritual essence.

These shifts in attitude and timing have specific application in:

Music...Synchronizes musicians with their music and fills in the missing frequencies for singers. Improves timing and increases bandwidth. Puts one "in the pocket".

Athletics...Increases mental stamina, determination, and perserverance.

Relationship/Arbitration...Eases tension and improves communication skills.

Self Improvement...Facilitates change and growth. Provides the resources for transformation.

Stress reduction...Reduces tension and improves mood while increasing patience and reserve energy.

Health...Supports cell membrane integrity, which thereby increases capacitance (ability to hold electric charge), which reduces electrical resisitance in the body, allowing energy to flow more freely. The allasso energy encourages the natural gathering of the physical energy required to get things done.

Sharpens skills and hones sales/service abilities.

Problem solving... Opens up new possibilities and ways of looking at things.

Creativity...Enhances imagination and artistic ability.

Spirituality...Enhances connection to Origin and encourages faith in Destiny.

To summarize… TransFormant™ is 100% pure drops of Liquid Potential that can help you resolve and reassemble past issues, live more fully in the present, and consciously create your own future by balancing the order and chaos in your life.  In other words, it can help you…re-order to a Higher Levels. A 50 ml bottle, which provides approximately a three month’s supply at maintenance levels, retails for $65. Click here to Purchase.


In addition to helping you increase physical, mental, and emotional energy, and distribute it evenly with TransFormant™ we stand by to assist you further with other special tools that can also enhance transformation. A sophisticated Breath & Voice Analysis to access one's spectral essence, and natural resonance biofeedback experience called Harmonic Resolution Therapy TM can provide a virtual reality like experience based on your own harmonic signature, that synchronizes your energy field with visual, auditory, and vibrotactile feedback via a multi-sensory liquid crystal VibraSound® platform. In addition, we produce custom Harmonic Reinforcement CDs and are ready to provide other dedicated support where needed. The only other requirement for success with harmonic transformation is your active pursuit. What would you change about your life? For more information about TransFormant™ and/or to schedule appointments for Harmonic Resolution™ or VibraSound® Music Therapy please contact:

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: No medical claims are made for TransFormant, and they should not be used in place of professional medical help and/or medication for the relief of discomfort or disease. TransFormant is made available for research and self exploration purposes only.


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