Water is a universal solvent that will, given enough time, break down and absorb into itself almost any other liquid, solid, or gas. To the amazement of most scientists, the definition of liquid water has not yet been fully established and its atomic model is still incomplete. Any particular accumulation of liquid water can contain an almost limitless number of other molecules, so it can express a near infinite number of possible atomic configurations.  This must be one of the reasons why it was chosen to be the supporting structure or Matrix of life. Water's ability to change its bond angles to fill up and fit any shape makes it the perfect material to provide the diverse forms required to transport living organisms around in space. All material objects are simply water held together in unique forms.

Often, all water is considered to be the same. However, this is far from true. The water inside our body, for example, is very different from tap, distilled, bottled, or spring water. This is important too, because 70-80% of the body is composed of this stuff. Called "interstitial fluid" or "tissue fluid", this internal water is constructed like a liquid crystal held together by the laws of colloidal chemistry, which “orders” the molecules of water in different types of structure.  Water of this type is therefore called “structured”.

Although most research has been focused on the elemental content of the body as being the most important thing…there is an even more fundamental reality holding the body together…the water itself! The colloidal elements are there only to "structure the water" and hold it to its proper form and function. In the 1989 movie "The Abyss" this was shown in dramatic detail, when a column of structured water rose up through an underwater drilling rig's hatch, entered and begin to move through the structure until it found the humans inside. The end of the column began to communicate by changing its shape to match the faces of the people. The movie did not reveal how this was accomplished, or who was responsible, but did let the cat out of the bag regarding the awesome implications of the uses of structured water.

We may not know how the aliens (?) in this movie controlled the shape of their water, but we do know that it can be accomplished with the laws of colloidal chemistry because the body is a living example of it. The DNA simply holds the instructions for the elements about how to shape and hold the water together into each of our unique personal forms. The human body is just like the structured column of water mentioned above but cut away from its source, contained within a membrane, and able to move around on its own.

There are many ways to change the structure of water. "Charging" the water with crystals, colors, sunlight, magnets, and electrical impulses are the most popular and common types of restructuring processes. There are also various chemical methods such as oxidation and camphor type additives used to change water's structure. In addition, typical environmental factors can also be employed such as heat, cold, and pressure.

Each of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. For example water charged with crystals, colors, magnets, and electricity work well but do not hold the energy increase for very long. Oxidation and other chemical methods must also be performed in real time because their actions do not hold for long periods. Temperature and pressure structured water lasts only as long as the stress is maintained.

Structured water has been reported to have the following uses and benefits:
· Improved health and accelerated healing
· Increased agricultural production
· Removal of unwanted stains and rust
· Harmonic Transformation

Perfect water would have a structure that could reshape and match itself to the harmonic structure of each unique individual. In biological terms, such water could could differentiate into the harmonic structure of anyone's colloidal system where it could become part of, support, and amplify the harmony that was already present. In order to be capable of such differentiation the structure of such water would have to be formed below the level of the elements. It would have to be structured at the level of force.

In addition, ideally it would consist of nothing but the structured water itself, without any other elemental constituents at all. There is currently only one technology capable of producing such extremely pure but resonantly structured water.  It is our patented Phase Modulated Quadrature Transform Alembic. This unique process effects a level of change beyond mere restructuring and results in actual transformation of the water itself.