Virtual Global Healing™

The Concept


Virtual Reality (VR) is seriously impacting the worlds of Job Training, Fear Phobia Treatment, Data Storage, Stress Management, Entertainment and other fields. All available research indicates that doing something virtually creates the same physiological, psychological, and spiritual responses in human beings as doing the real thing.

Combining VR with Neurotechnology has resulted in a virtual type of therapy called "Serious InnerTainment" because it focuses attention on the internal as opposed to external world. All good things in life come from this imaginary "InnerSpace" before they manifest in the "real" world of outerspace.

Whereas most virtual reality experiences require the user to take control of the experience via interactive action, this new form of VR asks the user to let go of all control and just be along for the ride. It is Non-Combative, Non-Competitive and Non-Violent that produces tingles of a whole different nature...pleasurable goosebump endorphins instead of the adrenaline rush of thrill rides.

Our team has designed, developed, build and managed four different Location Based Entertainment Venues utilizing this concept. The orginal facility was called AHA! Spa™ located in Pacific Palisades, California and operated from 1990 until 1993. That facility was moved to the Santa Monica Promenade and renamed InnerSpace until it was moved to Atlanta in 1995 and renamed MindWave for the 1996 Olympics. A year after the Olympics it was moved back to Santa Monica where it has been operating as a private appointment only mindspa. Plans are underway for a reopening of a new public facility in early 2010.

Virtual Global Healing will be offering many different experiences based on human animal Interspecies Communication and Ancient Knowledge. Our first offering is Virtual Dolphin Encounter™. This is a form of virtual dolphin therapy that is in many ways superior to the the actual thing. Don't be fooled by 2D versions popping up trying to capitalize on our success, utilizing much less sophisticated technology. This is the real thing.

Virtual Global Healing™ offers cutting edge, state of the art equipment and training for those interested in opening their own venues, as well as, operating its own public facilities. Stay tuned for news about the new facility in Santa Monica coming soon. For more information about these Sensoriums, please visit the MindWave and AHA! Spa pages of this website. There you can read information, watch videos of the facilities in operation, see floorplans. and review costs.

Virtual Dolphin Therapy

Virtual Dolphin Therapy