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VibraSound® VR

InnerSense pioneered the marriage of neurotechnology and virtual reality in 1992 with the introduction of Cyberfin, the world's first 3D virtual encounter with a pod of friendly dolphins. This project was a collaboration between InnerSense and Aquathought, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of captured dolphins. CyberFin won the "best in show" award at the 1993 Siggraph Convention. Since those early days, InnerSense has continued to manufacture state of the art virtual reality platforms and produce outstanding 3D content that is non-violent, non-combative and non-competitive.

From 1992 until the present InnerSense has conceived, designed, built and managed six different world class InnerTainment™ facilities.

1991 - The AHA! Spa™ in Pacific Palisades, California

1993 - InnerSpace™ in Santa Monica, California

1995 - MindWave™ in Atlanta, Georgia

2001 - The InnerSense Sensorium™ in Venice, California

2008 - Virtual Dolphin Therapy™ in Santa Monica, California

2011 - The Light and Sound Dome™ in Venice, California

In addition, we have consulted on many others thoughout the United States, Japan, Europe and several resort islands around the world.

The core technology behind these facilities is called VibraSound® VR. It consists of a professionally equipped VibraSound® WaveTable™, a proprietary 3D projector, Da-Lite™ rear projection screen, eyes closed Music Vision™ lucid dreaming device, a Sensorium™ mixer/controller, and a state of the art Stereo System. These components are synchronized and timed by a proprietary supercomputer. Together, these components create an experience so real that it almost suspends disbelief. For more information about our design and consulting capabilites and fees please contact us.